Botany: The "Roots" of Boundless Flora

Currently, there are only a couple plants in Boundless. Simple grass, trees, and those strange cone plants. Now, obviously the Oort Elves ( And yes, i’m still calling them that even with the name change) are going to add more simple pants soon, but this is a chance to put in truly unique plants. Im thinking beyond the bland flowers and wheat, and thinking of things that could truly set this game apart.

Aggressive Flora: Aggressive by nature, these plants attack anything within reach. They very in color and appearance from world to world, and can all be destroyed. Apart from the Plant Guardian, they can all drop seeds that you can then plant back down and use for more tactical uses.

Snap Plants: These are very simply Jaw traps, hiding in grass that can spring up and bite you. Being inside the plants mouth, it is hard to break your way out, but not impossible. However, it is much easier to break from the outside to save a friend.

Spitter Plants: These annoying enemies, disguised as seed pods sticking out of the ground, pop out when it senses something nearby. A Plant head will pop out, and fire a stream of sticky toxic goop at the entity, poisoning it and slowing it. By taking out the plant, you can get some of the toxin to possibly coat your arrows.

Spatter Plants: Found in small clusters, these lumpy plants lay flat on the ground. However, if you get near them, they will swell and explode, throwing acid around a several block radius. If you can get behind cover before it goes off, you can be protected from the spray. Just watch your step until the acid wears off.

Spiker Plant: A relative to Splatter plants, this plant looks like a Splatter plant when unprovoked. But, when you approach it, it grows large spikes, swells and explodes, sending the Spikes around for a decent distance.

Forest Guardian:

The biggest Plant boss, this is a huge boss battle. He whips vines around and inclosed area, killing anything unfortunate enough to get caught inside. He also has a large network of roots, connected to increasingly difficult aggressive mobs. You can kill the Proximity plants, and keep them at bay, or you can attack the Guardian at the heart.

Peaceful Flora: These are pants that have been and can be used in passive ways, like crops and vines. They can be purely for ascetics, are have a useful perk for some players.

Basic Crops: You know the stuff. Basic food that can feed you and other animals.

Swarm Plant: Resembling and orange piece of corn, this plant sends out a swarm of orange seeds, that swarm around Protectors and flash, making them easy to spot

Wall Vines: These vines grow thick and fast, and would otherwise be an annoyance. However, by letting them grow over a fence, you can make an incredibly effective wall. just remember: these vines are also very flammable.

Hive Plant: This plant grows and expands with help from a host colony of bees. The bees provide the plant with Honey, and the the bees in turn get a safe place to live. Some more aggressive colonies will even add spikes to the stricture to defend it. The honey the bees produce is special, and can be added to other foods to get a bonus buff.

Flame Roses: Flame Roses grow to about half block hight, and are an orange yellow color. They collect sunlight during the day and burn and produce light at night for a short period.

Royal Vine Horse: These creature, dropped as a seed from the Plant Guardian, can be grown into a Six legged horse, whose limbs are made of wood and joints of thick green vines. This creature is a fast stead, that can jump and run faster on grass.

That is all for this topic. If my ideas have given you ideas, please leave them in the comments below. Thank you


There are new grass types in the trailer, not sure if anyone noticed.


Oh yeah. Is it al low lumpy stuff on the ground? I think i can see it on the front page of the web site.

This is a grass type?
Awesome! I thought this is a plant on its own.

@GyroParadox No love for mushrooms? :pensive:

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There’s 3 new grasses in addition to the default.


Fluffy Grass ?? Fluss? Gruff ?!

Are they all in the new trailer?

Are these the new grasses?


I personally would not go too in-depth with agressive plant types, especially sentient types and trap types that are hard to spot like the spike and splatter. Brightly colored or otherwise easily spotted plants that damage on contact would be a good idea, especially if they could be used to create a barrier, like a cactus wall. I like your idea of vines growing on fences. Why not make them poisonous or thorned? Snap plants with a 2-3m reach would be cool, but I really feel the jaw should be large and not naturally hidden in the grass. My general philosophy on dangerous mechanics in games is that they should be obvious to careful players.

We could certainly go further in depth with beneficial buff giving plants, and they don’t really have to be that obvious. Mushroom and lichen could be processed for nice little buffs.

Edibles are a great place to add in variety beyond the typical wheat, apples, melons, and potatoes. Let’s have things that add to other dishes. Peppers, tree nuts, syrups, seasonings like thyme or fennel, cabage, lettuces, more.

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  1. Old grass (short)

  2. New grass! Desert grass!

  3. Still desert grass, but longer.

That’s one new one found.

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Darn it, back to the video…

This looks different, although some instances look like it may be Desert grass…

As long as this rule of thumb is used I think all of OPs ideas are awesome^^
Maybe not obvious but you should be able to spot it if you’re careful.

On the other side of the same portal, @bigPharma. That looks way different.


New grass types!?


Ding, ding, ding! Another grass type discovered. (I’m not sure we actually put the 3rd new grass in any visible scenes in the end)


I am more like is the flowers a bit to the left of that circle growing with the head down?


I thought that too. I think it’s a reflection XD