try see if he does it again maybe
also some people are pretty near being robots some times :smile:
also not talking means nothing
i have people in our town that are part off our guild and live next to me (active daily)
that never spoke a single word to me :smile:


it would be really hard to prove tho most mmos have a 24/7 mod team to handle this stuff within hours of it beeing reported but cuz its all done by the devs if the person stops before they can get to it then nothing would come out of it unless they have the bot runing 24/7


I don’t know maybe I’m just not grasping it properly but I don’t consider macros the same as a bot. Far easier to set up macros over actually making a proper bot.


for sure i was more talking about a program you start walk away and done macros has far as im aware are not banable in any mmo cuz 1 they are undetectable and 2 still require user input. hell world of Warcraft has macros built in


Macros can be setup to loop, removing the requirement for user input after it is started. and this making it possible to get punished for it

and there is a reason WoW doesn’t offer any commands or logic that would allow you to loop the macro.

as defined by blizzard

Making a looping macro will fall under this clause, as it allows automated control. repetitive yes, but control never the less

This is a common stance taken by most games. ((Darkages is the only game I played that allowed looped macros but you were required to be at the keyboard at all times, no AFKing allowed))

And even thou I can not find any literature about the situation in boundless’s >> Legal Documents << which looks like they have not updated in a few years, I would still advise against trying to automate anything related to control because it very well could be punishable.

In short, If you loop a macro. It might as well be a bot.