So, not sure if this is a thing and avoided posting to be honest to avoid promoting it However its been bugging me too much and im worried it could decimate the game. Yesterday while farming a little gleam on kada i noticed a low level guildless player with a random name e.g. dhyievx (not actual) performing very very repetitive actions. Im not talking smashing with aoe then bombing.

He was using an iron unforged hammer and then mining 4 or 5 locations, hitting each block in the same order. Top left down, then bottom right up. Walking to same spot then bombing and repeating. Did reply to my wave with a wave and hi, with same. However didnt go into detailed conversation when asked if he needed a hand, and didnt reply at all- could have been non english speaking i guess. I mined the next spot on his route to see what would happen, he went stood there and then left after 2 or 3 secs going to next in chain. Didnt report it as i wasnt sure it was a bot, but in hindsight it seems highly likely.

Anyway, thoughts anyone? Was it a bot and is it even possible. I am NOT promoting this in any way, but i guess as a low lvl player it would be much easier to bot and lvl than hitting single blocks. Ive been there and remember that omg moment when i got my first aoe.


There’s been people using macros for a long time now. Occasionally you can find level up houses. Player goes in with some chisels hammers and say a couple lanterns. Blocks surrounding player is usually shelves since they don’t break in one hit. But player uses the macro to place block, chisel, and break once it’s been chiseled. And then repeats. I don’t agree with it but far as I it’s not against any rules. Really just another twist on the stone xp


Using a macro is fine, as far as I can tell.

Using a macro as a bot so you can go AFK while it is happening, is most likely not fine, and in most games this is punishable.

I would report it, if you see someone who is AFK and automatically doing the same stuff over and over again and If you step in front of them to interrupt them, so they hit you and not the target. and this doesn’t cause them to change their behavior at all. Then that would be enough proof for me to report it and let the devs decide.


seriously? there are ways to level up legit that are lightning fast! Pathetic :frowning:


This sounds more to be about collecting a lot of gleam, than leveling.


Sorry for the daft question, but what are macros?


Where one can add several actions under 1 key press.

Like I press F12 and a little program will send other key presses to the game client repeating the same actions over and over (placing block from left hand, using hammer in right hand in an infinite loop for instance)…


Ohh I see, sneaky PC players :wink: lol!


It’s been brought up a few times before and there’s never been an answer if it was okay or not


Also using this method while on teaching pie can actually net you more xp faster since you can only put x amount in a machine/table. Also it requires you to have enough machines/tables. Where this requires only a few blocks.


I probably look like a bot when I gather, and I don’t do more than say hi and wave. Shows and music are more interesting than typing out messages 10 words at a time to random people. And I feel bad for the PS4 folks without keypads. I’d never talk to folks in game if I played on PS4.


We can use our phones as the keyboard


We can also use a USB keyboard as well.
That is my solution.


Don’t forget Bluetooth ones as well


Maybe I’m naive, but I doubt this would be a bot. The ai programming required wouldnt be worthwhile.

Much more likely the player didn’t see your messages or didn’t wish to respond.

Edit: this isn’t a game which can reward players with RL cash (like eve or wow), so I can’t see botting being viable.


Thats what i was thinking as well, bots are used primarily to sell coin for real money, or a real money in game product. I have not seen people selling accounts or monetizing the game through bots as of yet mainly because its not competitive like WoW or Aion mmos.


I’m exactly the same - I watch Netflix/Prime while mining and I tend to keep to the same pattern when using any single use tool really. I also do the same round robin routes when farming things like gleam craters, so it probably looks like a bot going round and round and round.


Well macros aren’t really a bot per say. And they are still benefiting since they level and can continually do this theoretically for days at a time if they wanted. Levels = cubits = everyone’s arguments about “wining” since more plots bla bla bla bla.


I’m blind to all that is around me when I am focused on a task. Not that I would do as the OP described, but if I have been gathering and am going through sorting another player could walk up and say hi, ask me questions and I would never see or hear them so focused on what I was doing.
Getting gleam, I would get the whole thing and on rocks, if I am busting them up, I get in a zone and just bust them all and sort later, tossing what I don’t want.
Best way to get my attention is to take your hammer and smack me, LOL. You can yell, shout but I would never hear it.


Or a regular keyboard like a sane person :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: