Bought Gleam Club

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I bought the 30 day gleam club.

How do I add clothes and special tints to my hero? I see nothing in my inventory since I upgraded…

Tints and clothes are not added into the game yet.

you can start a new toon and use the advanced shading options though :slight_smile:

Have to buy a cosmetic change

How do you use gleam club emojis?

So I paid for the club and I have to pay again for a change…

That isnt very nice.


Yeah I felt the same way

You can get it without spending real money tho

Then shouldn’t they say this before people buy a membership? It’s a waste to buy it if it isn’t in game yet.

As of the patch tomorrow GC members will be able to freely change their tints.

EDIT: From the patch notes:

EDIT 2: Ooops, didn’t notice the thread neromancy, my bad. Still good to know tho I guess.

I wish you could retrospectively add the tint. It was only when making my alt that I noticed there were extra gleam club options.