Bouncy Boots

Im sure there will be lots of different armors, but just a thought i had…
Based upon the bouncy blocks that currently exist and the fact that I am constantly grappling all over everything and take lots of damage from crashing into walls, what about boots that cushion your fall, and make you bounce a bit.
Something like: you bounce at 75% of the height from a normal bouncy block, and you take 5%-25% fall damage at large heights.
Obviously they could have stats like other boots, but just a thought.

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would be really. really. OP

Long fall boots?

Well its a pretty nice idea of allowing things like that, but being able to enhance your boots to only take 5% fall dmg is kinda…

it wouldnt be an enhancement to the boots, it would be a type of boot. So you would be losing other “powers” by having these boots equipped.
for instance with other games:
boots of strength
+10 str
+10 vit


bouncy boots
take 5% fall damage
no stats

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do you realise how OP only taking 1/20th part of ANY dmg is? >.<

its not damage from an attack, its just from a fall.

and its not a HARD number.

95% reduced fall dmg is still kinda op…

but the idea of being able to make armor pieces that arent neccesarily combat focused is a great idea :smile:

well, you also have a grappling hook that (if used properly) can negate 100% of fall damage…
this would give no benefit to combat, except to run away from someone.

and it will be nerfed. but dont worry, as i said its a great idea.

Ooooh yes! Physics altering armors would be cool. Slow fall, bouncing, high jumps, fast running- so many different ways this could make armor exciting. If we had armor like this though, it would mean taking powers away from the races/classes, and placing them into the armor system.