Boundless 1.0 Release Date - Announcement and FAQ


ahh i missed that… did not think it existed (the pricing) i appologize heavily then :slight_smile: thanks


I’m happy I supported the game regardless, but at a semi-high backer level if I don’t get that Golden Fist without having to buy another package when I already bought access to almost all the other perks it contains I’m going to be pretty butthurt. Hoping I’m reading things wrong… I do that.


I’ve been super busy the last month so I only just saw this and it’s super exciting! So happy for all you devs finally being able to see all your hard work come to this :smile:
Do you know when backer tiers stop being available? If possible I’d love to upgrade before the final release.
Can’t wait to play and start to build all over again!!!


on august 13th.


Miner is right, this coming monday ends backer tiers and all things early access related. If you want something between now and then, hurry!

Otherwise… be excited… Soooon!!


Yes I just saw :smiley: this is great


Just a solid reminder,YOU signed up for a pre-alpha game in development. You have to know that means features will come and go, and by popular vote and discussions, then from the PEOPLE who own and design and have the sole right to make what they want, get to decide on the next step.

Also, to whomever it may apply to… a GIANT wall of text makes my eyes bleed. I simply skip to the end or just skip it…Try to add some short paragraphs to make it easier to read.

I’ve made some bold comments and opinions I had to go back and eat , after I meditated on the bigger picture. They didn’t make a game to my specs only, but to a huge communities and to that health. Have to respect their decisions because they still made a better game than you or I have.

I know this post is a little late to the debate of opinions fest above, but I couldn’t resist a general comment we all agreed to when we bought it.


its so true and my eyes have been bleeding a bit lately.


Will the PS4 version be optimised for PS4 Pro? Considering picking one up as my Macbook is struggling and my PC is in need of an update.


Boundless does take advantage of the PS4 Pro. Especially in built up areas when the processing becomes more demanding.


Just fyi my wife and I are running the game on a bootcamped MacBooks and it runs brilliantly, whereas it was almost unplayable before bootcamping. Might be another option for you.


When will the private servers be available?
why i cant buy a second copy for my wife? :frowning:


game has been removed from sale until full release - so the media/famous streamers can get there first

Private servers TBC


tbc? :slight_smile:


to be certified/confirmed comming soon etc


thank you!


is this something i can choose to not use?


lol because the color is pink? i agree :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems more light red to me. I don’t mind it.


nope becuase i dont want people to see im gleamclubmember
dont see the point off it and prefer to be clandestino if i decide to sign up to gleamclub :smile: