Boundless 1.0 Release Date - Announcement and FAQ


I think this is better for the game though. If it works like you’re suggesting (and how many other games), then getting to max level means any spec purchased is an instant maxed spec.

As an example, a person might level a character in the most efficient way possible (whatever it is at the time). Once they hit max, they would then be free do a full skill reset, buy two skill specs and have a character that can literally switch between specs to craft Tools, Armor and Weapons at the absolute max efficient.

I am (as is obvious to anyone who’s been around the forums for a while) entirely in favour of a single character being able to ‘ultimately’ do as much as possible, but not at the cost of it being prohibitively less efficient to work with alts than one character. The would just be forcing people towards NOT using alts, and that’s not what I’d like to see.

It’s just a pity we’re limited to max 3 skills sets per character.


Fully agree! Reward group play!

This from a player who has been mostly solo so far. Mmo’s should incentivize group activities. If anything, we need more than just meteor hunts, but oh well. Maybe group building? Anyone inside your settlement / beacon while you build gets 1exp per block you place? Small but useful long term

Also, if hunting in groups is too valuable (I haven’t done it) I am sure a bit of a nerf is okay… but be careful not to hurt the solo hunter! Solo hunting xp is pretty mediocre at best.

Everyone talking about hunting vs mining and getting more from hunting is confusing me (tho I play mostly solo) because I get significantly more xp/hour when I am mining. Hugely significant. Probably twice as much


Why? I’m happy to be convinced but here is my thoughts on why that’s received wisdom and doesn’t matter:

  • Solo players still contribute to an economy
  • Incentivising group play is another term for disincentivising solo play
  • Both play styles should be encouraged to maximise paying & playing players

I’ve played other MMOs where solo play was rewarded, because it was tougher to complete the X on your own. People still played in groups. We’re naturally social animals. It’s easier in a group. It doesn’t need further reward.


Agreed. My take on this is that if group-play needs incentivising, then either the group activity or the tools required to group up just aren’t thought through enough.


This thread was originally about the release date and everyone’s excitement and gratefulness to the devs for getting as far as they have with their hard work… What happened?

Opinions are exactly that.An opinion.Everyone is entitled to one.


The Balance Question

I acknowledge and respectfully disagree with your opinion on what we should or shouldn’t be doing.


yes but is there an actuall official suggestion thread? - thats why i created my own (with the intent that it was not only me with the suggestions)


exactly… thats why there should be an equal balance (and trade off) for every one! Its the same with every (99%) of MMOS

Take World of warcraft/SWTOR and the like…

  • level 1 ++ - you can quest and hunt lore entirely on your own (if thats your thing) all the way to and beyond max level
  • you can do the above - but then at xx level you are able to open dungeons/raids etc… they are there purely for the social aspect… (if thats your thing)…
  • concerning point 2 - but… you can also level up to be OP for dungeon of XX and loot it all solo if you need loot of XX (if thats your thing ands you don’t want to risk the gamble of otheres in the party getting it then fighting over who needs it more!)
  • you can also RPG and form your own story One day 2k years ago… little bobby jones came across a magic sword (could be a real legendary sword oyu get from a dungeon) and he goes out to mee his freinds and shows it to them… they then prepare for the journey to the Moutain of Shrouded Mists to battle the dragon as old as time and find the fountain of youth… 2 days later they set out… 3 days after this they come across dungeon of XX (where they party up but RP that they have to battle some immense troll for clues… etc tec if thats your thing…

BUT this game HEAVILLY supports builders more than anyone else (IMHO) , currently


This thread is too massive to discuss in… start new targetted threads so we can keep discussion organized, or no one will see it because its too jumbled


Excellent point. I honestly didn’t think of my capitalize section like that. My apologies to everyone for making it sound like I was telling people what to do. That was meant as a generalized thought for something to do other than back and forth banter. That said, truly and sincerely, I’m sorry.


Quick question, do we have a confirmed date for the world wipe? had a look but didn’t see it stated sorry if I missed it.


Shortly after Monday the 13th.


Is there any plans for new servers?


Tons of new plans, but we don’t have that final information yet. Check out Jivita’s hunting worlds video for some previews of the new worlds


I was thinking on servers.
We got 4 now, 2 in us, 1 in europa and 1 in australia.

Just wondering if it is enough.
Looks like some areas are not covered, asia, southamerica, africa.


As far as I know there are still going to be the same 4 regions for now. I could see there being a central asia and japan regions added later if the demand is high enough, we will see.

There will be a lot more worlds per region however. 30+ total for sure


Just wondering how much Gleam Club is a month and would you ever make it tiered? -

Tiered meaning

Some people might not want ALL the flash of it E.g

  • Auto Fuel only P/m = £5
  • Char Tinting P/m = £8
  • Emojis = £6
  • Fule + tint = £10
  • Fuel + tint + emoji = £12
  • full pack = £15



I’d actually like them to add more bonuses to it if possible.


that’s what i am meaning do we know how much it is yet because if its more than ~£10 would it be worth it with what it is?

I would love to know the price of it


We need to go deeper.