Boundless 1.0 Release Date - Announcement and FAQ


as much as they SHOULD do this…

They either won’t or possibly can’t (i can understand why)

  • the code would be immense to implement this on every backer package now

  • IF it could be done, how would it be done? (its a lot easier to implement it to NEW backers that it is to find every single person who has backed so far and give all of them the same deal)

  • i would settel for a booby prize at this point (but yes… something does need to be done about the fact that DDE’s get more than any backer… they just cant live on a dev world/get art/music/credit

But then again it does seem we are all getting what we paid for…

  • exploreser XYZ
  • Wayfarers XYZ + more
  • etc

But no it is not fair when DDE is basicaly the same as wafarer (or just above) when that backer costs £70 and DDE only cost £39 ($59)


Why? It should be as easy as ticking a few additional check marks, the code is already there for DDE.
Its the same as giving all backers the special weapon recipe retroactively.
This is a pure buisness decision.


I will agree the DDE is better than the Explorer and Adventurer packages. At $60 the DDE costs more than Explorers ($35), but at $55 for Adventurer, I am not sure the wearable compensates for 300 cubits and 10% plot bonus for only $5 more. Past that the Wayfarer does get a 25% bonus on plots versus 10%, a wearable, a tool, and a weapon. The Gleam club for the DDE is for 30 days so that expires. 300 Cubits can buy 10 plots (which becomes 11) or 10 cleanse points. I guess it would be up to the individual if this was worth more than the other items for the difference in cost. I do not think DDE is the same as Wayfarer but again if someone thinks the items and the additional plots (15%) are not worth the $35 then they will disagree with me.


sorry, im not a dev… but you hear that excuse far too often (in general devs) so i just went with it… code had always been beyond me anyway


after all in a game like this value of xyz becomes very personal… e.g

  • bleargh why shhould i pay $20 for a basic game… Oh they have a $100 pack … what do i get? a indestructable chisle? every cosmetic in the game and 1 free SP on creating a new char? cool!!! (when it should only imho be worth $75 - i using the above example)


A couple thoughts:

  1. IIRC, skill points earned per level scales with level, so the skill point earn rate is probably not as different as it might seem
  2. Skill sets and alts aren’t wholly equivalent. If you’re in the middle of nowhere and want to switch skills, skillsets are going to be much more convenient as you can switch them anywhere (once per 15 mins). With an alt you would have to walk.

Personally I expect I will be utilizing both - skillsets for convenient access to frequently used specs, and alts for less frequent activities.


a minority fought tooth and nail to be able to play without alts even though alts wer always the intention of the dev team.
the Devs listend and now you can. you wanted vanilla cream frosting and they gave it to you even though chocolate frosting was on the menu. not anyone’s fault that vanilla isn’t quite as good. :wink:


I love a good food analogy, but this is incorrect. They listened and … now we still can’t play without alts any more than we could before. A more accurate analogy would be: There was a cake with chocolate frosting. We asked for a cake with vanilla frosting on one side, and chocolate on the other. They gave us a cake and told us it now has vanilla frosting as well. The cake has chocolate frosting and nothing else. A lot of effort has gone into nothing changing.

Edit: I mean, almost literally nothing. I’m still going to play. I’m still going to make alts despite not wanting to have to. I’m going to begrudge the game that fact exactly as much as before. I’m going to particpate in the community exactly as much. I’m still probably going to have a good time.


They are giving a %10 bonus to the adventurer tier so they are making it very close. I’m not sure about the cost of the gleam club sub or cubits in comparison to the $5 difference.


Well the gleam club is only for 30 days then they pay or it expires. As for the 300 cubits until they allow us to spend real world money to buy them, it is hard to say. . I agree.


it’s be for my lunch brake so you can tell where my mind is. :smile_cat:


With the change to 100 skill points per set they changed that, so you get 2 skill points for every level now no matter if you go from 9 to 10 or from 199 to 200.
The only exception is level 2, where you get 4 skill points.


I agree it is silly people can become max level in a matter of four days or less with group hunts. Too much experience awarded is one of the reasons I wasn’t interested in those hunts. I never got a character to level 50 because I did not do those hunts. To me, you should get no more experience for killing a mob on a group hunt than you get killing a mob on a solo hunt. Overall, there is still far more experience awarded on group hunts since it is awarded to all the people within a certain range. Also, most games to get experience you have to actually get a shot in on the mob. Being in the area doesn’t get you anything. I wish it were that way here too. No reason to be awarding things to people who are just running along following the group to level fast. Award hunting points for actual hunting. I also don’t think anything not ordinarily found inside wildlife should be awarded… so no gems or stones etc. Group hunts are far too highly awarded. The result is many who go have zero interest in hunting and many who would hunt don’t go because hunting is not something normally done by massive groups. It’s typically done with just one or two people (the pro “hunters” who rarely actually hunt and just shoot instead may have fifteen people including trackers, hunters, photographers, etc. for the slaughter). Real hunters don’t have an interest in the mob scene. The result is the real life hunters are the ones who don’t go and people who have zero interest in hunting do go. Bizarre. However, I can’t stand anything where people can make max level in a month or less. Perfect to me is at least six months to make max level. So, as soon as I learned people were using group hunts to level within days to max while I knew it would take me closer to nine months to a year leveling my three characters to max at the same time I started losing interest in Boundless and lost all interest in group hunts. But, that is modern gaming. Many people want max level as close to instantly as possible. Heck, even when I was playing WoW ages ago my son offered to sell my accounts there and other MMO’s and showed me he could get hundreds of dollars easily for each. I turned it down because I hate the idea of anyone being max level without a lot of effort. The way it is, I believe you can buy a skill reset. So, there is nothing stopping you from leveling as a hunter to max in a few days and then respec as a builder or whatever on your alts. Because of things like that, I am unlikely to put in a lot of time anymore in Boundless.


They are trying to promote group play, so I think awarding more XP as a group actually makes sense.


I love when you guys use words “soon” and “shortly” :japanese_goblin:


You already get more XP (over time) because stuff dies a lot faster in a group.


I didn’t ever go PS group for XP. For me it was about break from my normal hitting & placing blocks and crafting, having fun time with others, exploring planets and loot :slight_smile:
Placing block doesn’t award as much XP as going to group hunts but usually whole gathering -> block refining -> placing blocks -> chisel should award XP but anyway much slower pace. Good building is really more time consuming and awards along some XP.

I have also my thoughts that how easy it would be exploit building system if it would award better XP :grimacing:

I might be wrong but isn’t game combat system now requiring at least one hit to mob that player is awarded with xp? Even if it does I don’t really see harm on that as bigger groups hunters will die and new death penalty might make some hunts more selective to certain planet levels to avoid carrying hunters from getting penalty.
Also many mmo games promotes PVE grouping for all sort of XP buffs and some cases allow AFK farming. In Boundless being it is not really possible to be AFK for hours on same spot just because how meteorites spawn.

That is one way to play with currently available game mechanics. I did level my hunter by crafting and might do it same way after launch.


You are assuming that XP will stay the same. I would be surprised if they will release a game that will allow people to max level in less than a week. That just doesn’t seem to make sense in a perm released game…

The problem with skill set is that it is only on skill points that are EARNED AFTER USE. That means that when you buy the new skill set tree you only get to apply skill that you have not applied already (unless you cleans or reset). So second skill trees are kind of stupid because you don’t get to apply the 100 points all over… you only get to use the ones you haven’t…

Hence ALTs are still better ways of having dedicated characters since still in this model a single character cannot do everything because of the limited 100 skill points… unless you constantly pay to wipe or clean which makes no sense.


I don’t understand… you aren’t limited to 100 skill points per-player, its 100 per skill set, you can keep levelling to fill up 3 entire skill sets with 100 skill points each, which is still better than 3 characters with each having one full skill set since you share cubits/inventory when using 1 character and can swap instantly (subject to cooldown outside home beacon), but changing character you have to travel to get where your other character is to ‘swap’ places.


I didn’t see anywhere that is explained. So basically since you see x/100 is that 100 is it from the initial perception.

Many games let you just respec on the other skill tress so your points are used again. You get them all with you switch to the other tree and start putting stuff in.

If you all do have the 100 points for each skill tree then that really needs to be communicated so a player understands how they work and that it might make more sense at a later time in the game. Especially since if you apply the other skill tree with only the 4 points you had to do like hunting you don’t get all the vitality and other stuff… which means that the skill tree is kind of nerfed until you can put many more points into it.