Boundless 1.0 Release Date - Announcement and FAQ


So we will have between mid August and release to test new worlds and progression and then one last wipe for release?


No, we get a bit of a head start in order to build things up for new players coming in at release, if I understood correctly


Man, i just can’t wait for this game to release! Things are looking pretty good, the new skill system, the centraforge, pretty doors all kinda stuff, can’t wait to find out whats next :smiley:


awsom! I’m so excited!
so can @james or @Steggs101 or someone tell us precisely when the head start will be ready. i need to get my vacation request in asap :sunglasses:


what he said =P

Is there a way to have both?


We’re still finalising a date but we’d like to give you guys a few weeks to go nuts in the new universe.

We’ll update you as soon as we know!


It will probably be a DLC on steam like the Adventurer Edition is now, so i guess yes.


wow, don’t have words :smiley:

so exciting!!! Great job everyone, both devs and players, awesome community!

@H3yjo bro your build is featured in trailer :wink:


OMG :star_struck: :hugs: one of my builds is in the promo video …I am truly honoured and utterly surprised considering all of the absolutely amazing places everyone has made :blush: thank you :grin:


I’d like to get clarity on:

  1. Is this one world wipe or two? Wipe mid-august to new universe and again for release? Or is the mid-august wipe the only one?
  2. Can we expect the current testing to go live before the mid-august live so we can play around? Pretty please.


I think mid august is when we get let loose in the new universe so we can have a few weeks head start before the official September launch when the masses arrive.


I just put in leave for 9 & 10 August to game, gonna be VERY ironic if the game resets right after that.

Depending on if we get to play the current patch on live before then or not I will either be taking a 2 week Boundless break or going all in to learn the new mechanics. Would love to get confirmation on the scenarios to inform my decision.

  1. It’s one world wipe - once the new universe is online, we expect that universe to be the one that we launch with. So effort put in after the world wipe should persist.
  2. Yes, very likely, although this is a dev call.


O hey, my portal :joy:


Any news about rented servers?


so will that mean that Wayfarer’s and up will also be getting free init Gleam Club membership’s and cubits or will that be a DDE thing only?


Yeessss, nooooo
I’m not able to play that weekend!!!
Okay then I just have to take my computer and streaming setup to the church at my brother’s wedding… I have no choice…


Or just tell them to get married in the game? I’m sure we could all help build a nice Boundless church by then…



I would like to know more!


I think that’s planned for after 1.0
they probably want everyone on live the first few months to help promote the game.