Boundless 1.0 Release Date - Announcement and FAQ


So are we losing our 2 additional ALTs now when we go live into 1.0?

I was just on testing to try a few things and noticed when I deleted one of my alts that I had no ability to ADD that alt back. I looked around and could find nothing and since I didn’t have 600 cubits I was unable to purchase another slot to test things.

So based on this I would assume that means in the game we only get 1 character from the wipe and will have to use 600 cubits to even purchase a second because our existing ALTs are gone.

@James can you clarify how this works? I certainly hope we aren’t losing ALTs and this is some problem in the testing server.

(edit: added to that I tried another account to remove my character and recreate them but see no ability to do this. So I couldn’t start over from level 0 if I wanted to which kind of sucks as well.)


same here i expect 3alts for sure


I don’t mind if we don’t get any alts at first, though it would be a small pain in the backside

We gotta have something to spend cubits on :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless of that however… We should have an answer so it is clear to everyone :slight_smile:


I get the impression that we only get the 1 character initially and then any additional alts and skill sets have to be bought with cubits which could potentially add up to having to decide on sacrificing plots or pulling out your debit/credit card.


didnt devs want us to have multiple alts to play game so they should be there at start in my opinion


You don’t set expectations and let people play with alts for a year to then remove them at the cost of other parts of the game. Already many things have severely changed with no time for discussion by the community and our input… which is a big change in how things originally were.

Either way I want clarity but I think it isn’t right to remove things you gave people. Never should have given in the first place then…


I don’t know for sure but that’s the impression I got from the new update. Hopefully a developer could clarify for us all.


I agree, a lot of these recent changes have been pretty big, we knew they were coming but I guess none of us realised the impact they would have. I’d like to know what happens after we use the 3 free skill resets whether we get any more, as in maybe 1 free one a week or month, or whether it’s just those 3 and then having to spend cubits after that.


I’d like 3 characters at launch as well… but, to be honest, I think we’ll only get one character to start with… otherwise those in the do-everything-with-one-character camp will then complain that alt players can level up quicker than them and they should have 3 skillsets unlocked from the outset.

We used to have infinite blocks and superfast rapid firing grapples and vast dev granted beaconed areas just for ourselves - if we’re demanding things back that were taken away, I want those!

I hadn’t really realised the impact the exchange would have on our current play style either - and I guess it was wishful thinking that we would get 3 characters at launch, but I can see the reasoning behind us not getting them without spending 2-3 levels worth of cubits.


That’s how I read it. It’d be another disappointment if so.


I feel the need to chime in here…

I am the guy who got all concerned about pay to win initially and now that I know skill sets require skill points I totally no longer see this as an issue… characters aka alts are just a better was of doing skill sets you can have 10 and they only cost 600 cubits each… Again I see no issue here even if you start with one character that character is going to make so much more then 600 cubits that making an alt only makes sense and then that alt will make so much more then 600 cubits that again makes me feel like the price of alts maybe too cheep!

So the fact that we may only start with one character slot doesn’t event remotely phase me in the least bit…


True but let me clarify… that was with expectations that the game was still in development and that things might change in the future especially with a release far away. These recent changes have all come down very quickly without much feedback and we have a hard release date. So the removal of them have a different sting and impact on things.

There was huge discussions around Alt character amounts and it was many times said that 3 was really it and everything so that kind of set the expectation that we wouldn’t get more but would have them at start… now things are much different.


I feel different.
I was sure that the introduction of skill sets would mean no more alts. That how it sounded to me from the start when skill set option was picked over alts option. So when I found out I can earn alts for cubits I was really happy. A bonus to what I thought would be altless game.


I look at the reduction to one character to start as the price we pay for the folks that demanded being able to do everything with one character. They won the one character argument, so, if we want more than one we need to pay. I expected it with the one character idea winning. One character doing everything and alts are opposites. One character won, so, alts must be paid for as an extra if wanted. Those with multiple accounts just use different accounts to have the alts. I play Boundless much less than I did in favor of other games. If someday I want to play Boundless more, then I’ll either get a second account or buy an alt.


I can see that perception but One character did not win. You still cannot do everything like SWProzee was talking about and many pushed for. There are max skills and you don’t keep gaining true levels with skill points and stuff. It is like 100 skill points now and that is it right? I haven’t seen anyone prove that skill sets solve that problem…


People wanted different professions to be covered within one character. And they got it. You can have a miner a hunter and a crafter there.
Single skill set can’t create a complete hunter or miner or crafter so you make your choices there. But you can switch between different activities within one character. That was the main point.

Devs were never about to allow full builds as that would go against the core idea behind Boundless which is diversity, even within same class/profession/activity, to ensure economy works, ships are needed etc.


Sorry (and pardon the abrasive statement) but that is absolute rubbish. I, and everyone else that was arguing for the option of doing things on one character in no way wanted or argued for the removal of alts. The very point of our argument was that we should have as wide a range of options as possible, considering all* the negatives being bandied about with regards to how terrible it would be already applied just as much to players with multiple alts.

Furthermore, they didn’t introduce a mechanic for one character to do it all. If it’s limited to the 3 skillsets per character that I’ve read, then 1 character NOW is further from being able to do it all than three alts ever were before.

I know that this topic is a big frustration of yours. You can blame them/us but lets face it, this isn’t what we wanted any more than you did. This is a decision made entirely by the development team (or whoever high-up pushed it upon them) and Nobody won this… Except the people who make money out of the players who choose to spend money to combat yet another restriction.

*EDIT: Actually Stretchious did make a good point about combat balance, but that was the only one


Some of this update has felt like a Dungeon Master corrupt-a-wish.

“We’d like this!”
“You can have it, but for more work, oh and I’ll take this away! Mwuhaha!”

I don’t like to be negative, because I love(d) the game, but quite a lot of the balance changes feel like papering over a lack of content by elongating the time everything takes to achieve in a rush to meet a 1.0 deadline.


I didn’t say people argued for this. I said it was the logical result that I expected. With one character most people will pick some sort of balance between hunter, builder and crafter. Anyone can gather and the skills for it are essentially just to make it faster if you choose the profession of mining and gathering wanting speed to increase your money. I’m in no hurry so when I had three characters I never invested in those skills. All three of my characters gathered and mined and all three did some sort of crafting so it was all covered. One was a builder although I never built anything beyond what was needed (which takes very little skill). You make a general character that can craft with a wee bit of health and you then have a character than can do anything you need with no need to ever interact with another player. Technically it’s an MMO, however, it has always looked to me like most people play primarily solo and now and then either shop a little (which I don’t call MMO exactly since it does not require the presence of another player) or perhaps go on a group hunt. This one character idea eliminated the need for alts unless you want to do real fancy building in addition to other things or if you want to PvP in addition to fancy building or whatever. If you need an alt then get one. I had three characters because I could and it was easy. With one character I likely will never get an alt as I’ll just make one character that can do a bit of everything I need. People wanted to not need alts and they got it. Don’t be surprised that means alts are not standard anymore. I have seven characters in some games now and always have as I need those to do everything. Yes, I level far slower than others who only have one or two characters. I’m never in a hurry though so I don’t mind. Boundless I’ll just stick to one character as I don’t need any more now. It convinced me not to keep investing so much time into it and not to upgrade. Boundless went from my #1 game down to about #6 or lower in time spent in it. I stick with what is the most interesting and Boundless is a diversion from other games and activities now…


You used exactly the right word. ‘Need’. Now people don’t ‘Need’ alts (as much) to do everything they want, although I’d argue that from the looks of things, it STILL isn’t the case, and it’ll still be more efficient to use alts over skill specs anyway. I’m not going to explain again why I disagree with the conclusions you draw from this, we’ve failed to find any traction in that conversation in a different thread.

Stripping back initial alt slots was not the logical result. People were fairly definitive that they also wanted to be able to play on alts, so no changes were required. From a logical standpoint, making changes (however small) is an active choice. The developers didn’t need to remove alt slots to make skill specs work, and so they chose to remove them for other reasons.

It was not the expected result (at the time the conversation was held… this last few months have challenged my believe in them), as I’d say that ‘generally’ Boundless had been really good at listening to what the Founders collectively think would be a good idea, and finding a reasonable solution to please the best number of people. To expect that starter alt slots be removed requires a reason to suspect it, and at the time there was none. You may have come to suspect it after cubits were announced. I’d give you that.

At the end of the day you can continue to stand on your soap-box and essentially blame the people who had a different opinion to you, but this wasn’t our choice any more than it was yours. All it really does is shift the spotlight from the fact that a decision appears to have been made solely for the purpose extracting money.