Boundless 1.0 Release Date - Announcement and FAQ


I’m sorry if I missed it, but I can’t find any info about what wipe will mean for skill points and experience of your characters? will everyone get reset to level 0 after the wipe?


Yes, everyone gets a full reset at 1.0 :grinning: :+1:


hmm i just read a reply from one of the team on another post saying (and i quote) Nothing is being wiped!!!

I am confused and also disheartened by this …


Nothing is being wiped is in reference to the worlds, which are being backed up and taken offline, not wiped.

But at release / 1.0, everything is being started fresh, new worlds, no progress.


backed up to an offline server so its not available anywhere in the known universe? now i get it :slight_smile:

So yeh technically its not a wipe then (by proxy :stuck_out_tongue: ) but… still confused as to what they mean by backed up offline in the sense of - can we choose to have the Eloportas Temple on our planet if we buy a server and etc - if you follow? or do they mean only the worlds are being backed up?


Wooohoooo I can’t wait to get my build on! The trailer looks great. I recognized some of the builds and the trailer and that was awesome!


All we know at the moment, is that all isn’t lost, just taken offline.
Plans haven’t been made, or at least been made public, about whether we will be able to access the offline worlds yet.


Thank you so much @james and you’re entire team, for this huge announcement. Everything sounds awesome, fair and looks like the game has a solid financial future. I Couldn’t be more excited. I will forever be a gleam member to support this game.

@james or @SamF I only have one question, because everything else is just perfect.

Does this mean Adventurer, and Wayfarer and up can make the Gold one instead?


this doesn’t exactly answer the question @Zina but… ^


I was thinking the same thing. Just wanted to see for sure. It does seem to point to this. I was just trying to idiot proof it.


i cannot speak for a dev but… logic dictates that closest to the adventurer edition means that yes… everyone from adventurer and above will get the same perks as DDE… however it is known that only Wayfarers and above get the founders totem (which is a shame because everyone who bought during EA should be a founder

So yes… clarification is needed :slight_smile:


from what I know “closest to adventurer” means just this: adventurer;
DDE won’t offer perks of backers above adventurer level


I don’t want my stuff saved, so,I deleted all my characters to get rid of it. lol I really don’t understand saving stuff from what we have all known all along was just practice for us as we test for the developers. Glad to have new worlds and not see any old things.


Someone in the Steam Forums asked a good question. Will or can a ps4 player be able to build worlds? I don’t think I’ve seen a package for ps4 players that does that. Looks like the best a ps4 player can do is a digital deluxe right?



yes that is correct (as far as i see it) how would a PS4 have coding capabilities anyway? (unless the devs tweaked the world builder) But then it is only drag and drop… so /shrug


To my knowledge, if a PS4 player wants EA backer perks, they can buy a pc backer package but then have buy the game for PS4 again to be able to access it via PS4, but instead of creating a new account, they can sign in with the first account that has the EA backer perks.


i think the devs said people who buy EA on steam, but also buy the ful lrelease on PS4… both accounts are linked in some way? so i do not think its possible to cheat the system in that way?

because they would be brand new characters, how would you get the backer rewards on PS4? but you can trade with yourself (they would still count as viable alts - just seperated to each platform does this mean you can… errm… sign in on steam and then the ps4 and… i am trying to avoid the fall out from this! … Play with yourself?.. I mean multy-box )

Unless EA backers can use the backer items on every single new carachter created? (if its the same account then you could do so… if it works that way) but i have yet to recieve the recipe for my backer weapon so i have no idea


Yes it does! All 3 of my characters have the perks.


when do we get the backer rewards anyway? apparently the Wayfarers already have the totems, because i bought one the other day! (i am a normal explorer + adventurer (2 accounts) the explorer tier says *craftable weapon - the adventurer says weapon + wearable)

Unless those totems were sold by devs/given to certain players by devs?

Unless because i bought them both on steam i miss out? (is it different buying from wonderstruck?)


Everything’s fine, the weapon and wearable are not ingame yet, just the totem went live with the last patch.
(Wearables in general are not in game yet.)
Steam should not make any difference.