Boundless Advertisements Ideas Both free and paid ones

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Boundless Advertisements Ideas Both free and paid ones.
Advertisements In between till we get updates free or paid Will be helpful also when it comes from the company. Community managers if you guys have any can also help with this too also make a Official boundless discord too.

Free: Offer keys to Content Creators and streamers Across Multiple Platforms Only ones that do variety gaming Content that is related. Platforms are YouTube, twitch, Facebook gaming But this one you need to add the game to Facebook gaming so players can stream it I tried one time and I look today its still not there, tiktok. Also provide a letter/email/DM on discord about who you are and about the game you may not give them the key or wait to see if they are interested.

Make Content for the game Also ask the community for Support with Build or ideas they will be giving help :).

Make Theme Building contest and make videos about them also stream them in platforms and keep doing them for holidays like Halloween and Christmas. also do international famous holidays we have players from around the world why not add some holidays builds too.

Paid: Advertise across multiple websites Gaming news websites, Social media Website, content creation websites, Streaming websites.

Make a new boundless trailer and advertise the trailer as well across Multiple Platforms like above.

Also this looks great I used them personally as a streamer i believe you can request based on there viewership also you can offer them keys as well to give to there viewers.

If you guys have any ideas Please suggest. also what do you think of these suggestion.

I feel these Ideas are useful Also as a streamer and i used multiple platforms during my time Also I know Streamer and content creator platform that help people grow here the website also they may help you too if you with growing the game thru Social media or content creation or also streaming also its a paid membership.

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would be nice if the devs see this post and find it helpful if you do and not want to let people know you can message me also if anyone thinks its helpful please comment :smiley:

I have some suggestions.

  1. Best thing is when devs is open and have streamas and show update or even just roam around and show off builds. With live chat.

  2. Have giveaways like destiny 2 or other games that could lure People in submitting. Like Recruit a friend! Get 1 month gleam membership or starter pack with tools.

  3. Get The The game free (before it gets ftp) on Steam and ps4 in The 3 games free PlayStation plus. Everyone tries the monthly games out because they are free. And I know alot of families that would love this game in xmas.

  4. Put it on Ps4 “new” Game pass, where they can stream it wherever and even on pc.

  5. Bigger pressence on social media. Hence Tictoc, Instagram, youtube, twitter etc. Even if just to post fun community service stuff.

  6. Medium streamer tryouts, they done this in The past but it needs to be a constant. Not all The time but at least 2 Times a year so that Twitch knows The game is still alive.

  7. Support content creators for The game. With Keys to give to players and some more giveaways.

  8. Payed ads on Facebook markedet specific to The age group wanted.

  9. Market it as a Minecraft like game, no shame in riding The wave.

  10. Get emotes to promote om twitch.

  11. Colaboration with an other popular game, preffer The same kind of game. U see this in streamer support ung eatchother to grow.

  12. Make more shorts om youtube, its riding in attention pretty fast.

  13. Apear on conventions and show of the game.

  14. Make update and promote The game as new aka “No man sky” destiny 2.

  15. Bring in modes that People could love, permadeath, timed runs etc. Make the game easy to stream for a 20 min session.

  16. Put in season pass for some free goodies and market it.

  17. Make merch so People could wear it and buy it, caps, hoodies etc.

  18. Make fan art and have competition on deviant and other art places.

  19. Colab with good builders from other games to build live stream or a video tutorial.

  20. Make some dance avatar moves and post em on tic toc.

  21. Make a manga comic stripp and post on all free comic aps and online. (doesnt have to cost much, chekk “Fiverr” many good artist there.

  22. Go free to play.

I have more but this just came up, some are intertwined with eachoter :sweat_smile: but yeah some pointers