Boundless and PS4 Pro

Does Boundless take advantage of the improved specs in the PS4 Pro?

I know you can adjust the settings for different spec PCs, but I cannot find any info on if/how the Pro is being used to its full benefit! (I may just not have found the info, and links to it would be much appreciated)

I would probably pick up a Pro if the render distance was better.

And does it render in 4k? Or in at least a higher resolution than 1080p on a Pro?

I didn’t notice a difference between my cousins ps4(my old one lol) and my PS4 pro. He’s using a 65 curved 4K hdr and I’m using a 55 curved 4K hdr

Not taking advantage of PS4 Pro is one of the reasons I switched to PC. Grapple controls and not having to pay for a PSN subscription were the others.

I play on a PS4 Pro and a day one PS4. While the Pro runs better for sure, I still get under 15ish FPS in large hunts. Even after this most recent update.

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No way, the per pixel lighting is really expensive on higher resolutions. On a 1070 my fps tanks to low 20s with it.