Boundless and the constant hunt for information

So, I know that under the location tab you can see the information on the planet you’re currently on, you can read spawn rates of ores, plants etc… The question is, has anyone actually compiled all of the world’s information and listed all of the rates? Like best planet for copper or diamond by % for example. Was curious if anyone would want to make a chart or something for everyone to use. I really think a public chart for resources would be great. Like, need sap? Go here for big trees! Need iron? This place has the best spawn rates! Y’know? Just to maximize efficiency. Here’s another idea, maybe map out the main portal hubs? Just a thought. Ex: Need Diamond, go here in PS hub then into these portals until you reach this portal then mine. Basically a guide book of where to go for what and how to get there. Personally it’s a lot to remember all of the items, locations and other tricks. What are your thoughts on that?

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If you’re on discord you can see that info on the TNT boundless commands channel in the tnt discord. Or ps has a version too. But the best % doesn’t always necessarily mean it’s easier to mine/gather.

Noted! Gonna round up all this information so I can make it more known. Another thing, obviously height matters when mining, i dont know if TNT or PS have things like that listed but I’m all about efficiency so knowing how to be optimal is important. Finally, for newer players I think things like listing what skill set up is best for specific tasks. I’ll more than likely have a portal set up with loads and loads of compiled information for anyone to come visit as well as a link to either a word document or a discord server. Would anyone be interested in helping me pick apart boundless and learn?

Yup it tells you mining heights

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Also there are websites with all the info up too. A few different people have websites and bots/programs

@DKPuncherello had a website with a lot all in one spot. Dunno if he still has it or not.

@Angellus @Mayumichi @DreamEvil @Pfiffel @Simoyd all have some kind of programs,websites,bots with a lot of info

Oh can’t forget

By @Stretchious

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Sweet, thanks!

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You could try this out too:

Green is high end, red is low end :+1:

This sheet has a TON of other amazing knowledge on it besides ores in the bottom tabs.

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You, and everyone else, are also more than welcome to contribute to the (one-time official) wiki. It’s a wiki and it has a lot of SEO so it almost always shows up first when you use a web search engine.

Believe it or not, a lot of beginners use web search engines to look for information before they know the secret inside ways like someone’s personal discord or google doc. Why not take advantage of that?


I use the dk one. Easy to use too

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I LOVE WIKI (even i the big one has finally sadly convinced me that in a creepingly increasing way there’s an awful corruptibility of information once nepotism wins the gatekeeping. So hire an anarchist and an omnibudsman :smiley:

Fallen London (web deeeep story game) has a pretty great “official” wiki and there’s another wiki no one speak of much where the deep lore spoilers are kept. If you never hear or see me again it’s because the dark side of the lore came for me.

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There’s a DK wiki?

It’s just links to useful pages

I need to update it with a few of the amazing new tools out lately

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like a wiki :smiley:

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Remember that the actual percentage value might not be the best way to determine how good a planet is for farming a certain resource. If one planet only has 1 or 2 spots that amethysts can spawn for example, the flat number might be lower, but it will be a much more concentrated amount of amethysts in those spots and will yield alot more per hour.

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