Boundless App Ideas

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I would love a Boundless app for iphone/android.

Features Needed

  1. Beacon/portal expiration notifications
  2. Boundless News, notifications when servers down, etc

Features highly recommended

  1. See friend list and see who is online.
  2. See list of people who have beacons in your village and if they are online
  3. Message above members through the app.
  4. List of all items with a number next to them to show you how much you have in a beaconed area.

Features that would be nice

  1. It would have links to the Gamepedia site, the Boundless Crafting site, and the forums. Or these could be implemented into the app.
  2. Server analysis. Like you can look at how each individual server is running.
  3. LFG/People to play with tab
  4. See your character and skills/items
  5. Skill point path creator, like where you get the max points and you can choose skills, seeing how much you will need for a certain build and stuff.
  6. Guides that players can write.
  7. People can post pictures of creations or just screenshots and other can like them, comment on them, etc.

Features others commented below

  1. Organize by beacon
  2. Beacon footfall income
  3. Beacon/Portal fuel levels
  4. Shop stand inventory and income(per beacon)
  5. Request basket inventory and balance(by beacon)
  6. Draft contracts
  7. Show pending crafting timer
  8. Map of planets
  9. YABOO!!! text sound notification


I would totally download that app. somehow connect the forums to it?!
A+ idea


Can this ^ get funded :joy:


i got 5 on it!

Additional app features:
Organize by beacon
Beacon footfall income
Portal fuel levels
Shop stand inventory and income (per beacon)
Request basket inventory and balance (per beacon)
Draft contracts
Show pending crafting timers


it is settled then dear devs. you must do this :smile_cat:


What exactly is “footfall?”

If I knew how to make apps, I would totally make one for the features I could. However…I only know how to program on a Mac and not how to make something an app or exported thing.

footfall gives you coin evrey time a non freaind steps in your beacon


I’m sure there is some kind of software, where you could make an app through Mac stuff and then convert it for android

There is…but probably not for free.

I think this’d just stop people logging in. Even if they’re only there to check a basket, or a beacon.
It’s not like the world is inundated with people running about :stuck_out_tongue:


Just open up an API with the necessary base info - and we’ll see dozens of apps and websites jumping up to support these needs over time.


Great… As if my invested time on Boundless while on desktop is not enough. It will now take me wherever I go. Boundless is invading my life. Send halp!

+1 for API!


The app must have a map of planets :smiley:


Can’t build or mine on the app tho lol

this is a great idea. it keeps my limited game time reserved for actually playing the game and not checking stats and logging back and forth to the sanctum just to check all my different beacons.
I retract my original statement.
This is a FANTASTIC idea.


@GenocideAngel told me her idea to have a soundboard for notifications and such on the app as well. Could use “YABOO!” for friend direct message alert, and various hammer sounds for other push notifications.

On a side note, we were both slightly sad that we could not find these sounds to use for notifications to begin with :frowning: I would LOVE to get a “YABOO!” text message notification, haha!


Not sure if you are serious, but I added that lol.

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