Boundless as a Metaverse starting point

After having had a short look at the hype about “Metaverse” and the few variants currently fighing to be something playable and being fun (at least for the non-commercially inclined), I am wondering why Boundless is not used to taget this direction. I feel that the potential as well as the very solid software could be enhanced to a good player in this area - after some changes in the design ideas range. What do you - the few remaining as fans in this nice game - think about my thoughts about a possible future for Boundless ?

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I like the idea, but sadly that would require developers.

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boundless “could” have had this.

If the developers decided to add portals like we have with creative worlds that allow you to travel to player hosted planets/servers.

we already have proof you can have a specific inventory/skill on a creative planet so why not another universe like a private one a player is hosting… literally all we need to send over is appearance of the character…sort of like how minecraft does it…

Like a creative planet portal but like you put in the ip address and port address to the server in the portal then it connects the boundless universe to my private whatever hosted server. And some setting you enable to allow it to connect and BOOM they would have had a basic boundless metaverse.

the login mechanic could stay the same as minecraft where you have the boundless master server over at wonderstruck and the appearances of the players along with the names aren’t controlled by some types of player servers.

The biggest irony is you still need gleamclub on private servers because boundless phones home to see if you have a active subscription to get that “perk” on private servers…

you know instead of them adding a way for a server owner to just enable that or give it away…

BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

instead if you look at the test branch you can see you get to pick the MMO universe, a private universe or some local thing if my memory is still correct.

no interconnection

They could have had it so all the boundless worlds, if the owner wanted, could connect to the main mmo universe.

It would have been the 1 thing minecraft and all those other games out there dont have.

If they had done it when that patch was supposed to drop like a year ago before all this meta verse nonsense then everyone could have meta verse buzzword boundless back into popularity because it was live and other stuff wasnt.

But that would have probably been something that they wouldnt have been able to secure with the amount of time they put towards this project.

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I hardly ever use the ‘h’ word but I would hate this game having even connectivity to facehook or whatever name it’s harvesting under.

No. Nope. and a bit old NEVER from me.


Is Metaverse that Zuckerberg nonsense? Then it’s a no from me.


Trust me, you don’t want metaverse coming anywhere near Boundless.


Facebook owns the name Meta. They aren’t the only players in the metaverse game so to speak. There are a lot of other companies creating there own versions.

On the Joe Rogan Experience episode
1753 with Brian Redban they talk about the Metaverse a bit.

From what I remember reading you could interconnect private (universes) servers so to speak or at least that was the plan. I remember reading you could technically create you own MMO by creating a central server and then connect private servers to that. I’d have to look up where I saw that.

So preface this with james would say something like “no you cant do that” which really means “if you some how do thats not supported”

on the test branch we’re able to boot up the universe server and create planets that check into that server. there is no easy way to say connect to this IP as my universe server because right now newly created planets connect to

If some one cares enough to spent time they can figure out a way to launch the world server executable independent of the boundless client they can probably point it to a world server that is not located on the machine hosting the server.

And coincidentally look at the config file and ask you self if a 100 player server only uses 1GB of ram and 1 server core why do medium planets only support 20 players and cost 20$ a month when i can get a server with more cores and more ram than that for 20$/month… (like no joke way more)

Screw the Metaverse, and screw NFTs in general; The stuff is one big ponzi scheme, and I can’t believe people still fall for that junk.

The Metaverse is literally just a worse version of Secondlife, tied to crypto/NFTs for no reason but feeding the ponzi scheme.