Boundless Background Music: A Weekly "Podcast" Of Sorts

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Hey everyone!

Just another music idea I had:
What if I started doing weekly music “podcasts” where each week I do a one-hour mix of songs that people can listen to in the background while they play the game.

The idea is that you guys would suggest songs every week. I would pick a few each week (probably just enough to make about 30 minutes of community-recommended music), and then I would fill in the gaps between the community-suggested songs with my own recommendations.

The reason why I would have to “fill in the gaps” is because there would most likely be a wide variety of genres represented in the community’s suggestions, and in order to facilitate better transitions I would have to add some other things.

I would also prefer to stay away from Top-40s pop songs and the kinds of songs you can already hear every day on the radio, because the purpose of this weekly mix would be to provide some unique background music for players that would at the same time introduce them to music they’ve never heard before.

Also, as a note, this is not intended to be head-banging, dance-party music, it is meant to be more experimental and unique, to match the feel of the game itself, more or less.

If you like this idea, go ahead and suggest some songs for the first mix.


How about mashups of the built in boundless music with other songs?

Most people who play boundless aren’t top 40’s ppl btw



Yeah, that could work! I still think community recommendations would be nice though. I’m surprised nobody has recommended anything yet.

I might try composing some atmospheric/experimental stuff with the tiny bit of modular synthesis stuff I have, to go with it.

Just wanted to be sure :smile:

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I would listen to that. Wouldn’t know what to suggest.

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Do you guys think it should be completely atmospheric/experimental or should I also include some stuff that is more energetic? I’m gonna try to keep it from becoming a dance party mix, but I’m debating whether or not to include some stuff that is kinda inbetween…

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Dance partyyyyy


Maybe I’ll do a mix of both then :wink:

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