Boundless Background Music: Episode #1

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So, I just published the first “episode” of my Boundless Background Music “podcast”.

Here’s the link: LINK

I know that normally in a podcast there is some talking, introducing songs, etc., but I decided that since it is intended to be a mix of background music for playing the game, talking would be too distracting. So it is 100% music.

I also decided to have a distinct flow in the music: it starts with sort of ambient flowy stuff and then gradually builds into more up-beat tracks, like a journey. Also, towards the end of each episode (usually the second-to-last song), I will play one track that I’ve chosen to give people a little taste of crazy techno/electronic/rave music.

All the tracks I choose for an episode (including the more insane ones) are intended to provide a certain feel for the game. Some songs are chosen to reflect the beauty of the various planets in space, others are chosen because they sound somewhat like the various machines in the game, and still others are chosen because they sound like the dark caves that players mine in.

So I hope that every one of you will feel the music reflecting the gameplay in some form as you listen.

The tracklist is in the video itself, for your convenience, but if you have a specific question about the chosen songs, just ask. :wink:

Also, please feel free to make requests or suggestions.

Enjoy! :smiley:


What did you guys think? Should I do another?

Looks goo! Nice work man

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Thanks! I guess I’ll do another then

please do!

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I personally thought it was a bit intense for background music depending on the task.

Maybe make a few mixes for different scenarios? Like a mining mix vs a chillin mix

Also some OST remixes would be lit


Sounds great. I never got that into music making (meaning getting all the stuff etc.) I mainly used fruityloops and some other programs to create music. As I did work as a dj for a year. But tjats like almost 10 years ago.

I guess i could dig if i ever find my passwords and suchs to mikseri (finnish free music service (sort of) )

I found my old account there

Dunno rly does it open in every country.

Feel free to listen and download.
OP can flag if not liking me linking my stuff to his topic.


Agreed, the bit I listened to was a tad intense as well. But I tend to lean towards more atmospheric, ethereal music anyway…

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Yeah, I wasn’t sure if I made it too intense. Thanks for the feedback!

I might do like @DKPuncherello suggested and make different mixes for different scenarios.

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The link worked for me, and it’s really cool! I might have to include some of that in a future mix :smile:

(and also, I don’t mind that you linked your own stuff, no problem :wink: )

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