Boundless begs for just the slightest bit of marketing

I, like a lot of former veteran players, come back to the forums about once a month hoping against hope that Monumental will make even the slightest attempt at marketing Boundless. I may be a bit off, but sometime around March/April 2019 the game (granted, under a different developer) had a free weekend on Steam and the influx of players was amazing. It was a time like no other experience I have ever had in any other game; truly lightning in a bottle. Boundless is boundless only when it is what it was designed to be…a Massive Multiplayer Online game.

Nothing complex, no huge effort is required - just the slightest bit of “advertisement”.

Just my unsolicited two cents for a game I love(d) :grinning:


Been awhile General, good to see you.



I think any sort of marketing should and will be done if and when the NPE is fixed/changed/updated. Doing it any sooner would be counterproductive.

We’ve had this conversation before, but I have had friends start playing and get completely frustrated because they were just told to point at a planet and port to it with little any knowledge the game has a whole MMO side or larger universe, then they just quit, haven’t even tried it again.

I myself quit after a few days of playing and only came back to paly due to a friend wanting me to continue playing with him.

Marketing? Hell yes… but only at the proper time.


@Ratchel AWESOME to see you as well :grinning:

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