Boundless' Biggest Issue

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The game feels like a Beta / Early Access, The end game is 100% missing. and the content we do have feels to be “half baked” for lack of a better word, We haven’t had any updates/upgrades to farming, We haven’t had any new creatures or mobs, meteors are extremely repetitive with very little difference between T1 and T6, In game chat UI is kind of “strange”/“odd”, The in game economy is trash. and so on.

The only real thing this game haves going for it at this time, is the creative builds people can come up with, The way chisels work, and how portals work, nearly everything else is somewhere between “meh” and “disappointing” at this point to be perfectly frank.

I am going to say it anyway. That update has been on testing for almost two years now, that is 100% unacceptable, especially for the “reason”/“excuse” they gave for the reason why it is still on testing. and It is getting harder and harder for me to refrain from posting a steam review stating such things.


Do it anyways not going to change anything at this point

3 - End-game content
2 - NPE
1 - Everyday content to make the oortiverse a place to “live in”.

What good is endgame content in an open world pure sandbox? Seems like everyone is already acknowledging that would get just as old as anything else. I do agree we need something bigger on that end but it isn’t the most important thing yet. I have nothing to add about NPE to what’s already been said… but if NPE was cleaned up to where new players are consistently more comfortable with their first impressions, what will keep them playing in the long run?

There needs to be more to do on a daily/weekly basis. We need functionality out of our builds for ourselves as well as others. Permissions need more depth, to the point where you can set shop stands, chests, signs, and other interactive blocks to give perms to individuals, guild, or public. Then more interactive blocks… a ball, something with RNG, on/off switch for LED’s, something that reacts to being hit by slingbow/bomb/snowball. Books with character’s signature and timestamp, then a printing press to make copies to sell or give away. Some kind of variant of location tokens that we can write short messages on, also with timestamp and signature. NPC characters… even in their most basic form they could be like a decorative interactive block that could act like a combination of other things, like a shop stand and request basket you can program to say things and people can leave messages in. And mailboxes should leave the message in the box rather than PM’s, then players just get a notification that they have mail and have to go there to check it.

Edit to add: Dispenser. Maybe something you can set so only one character or account can tap it per day.

I really think we just need content to satisfy our characters’ need for entertainment and there is a lot more room there for innovative, creative mechanics unique to Boundless than if they tried to make an epic endgame that just becomes another farm.


I think a good way to think about this is that we need more tools that let us actively build our own culture and community in-game. Without the ability to have anything particularly interactive, our culture is very much “This is a static thing we leave for others to see” or “This is an event we host at specific times” and aside from wave/salute etiquette, and being generous, there isn’t a lot of casual cultural interaction.


Character creation needs a weight slider.
Hefty Chonker Bob must exist.


More endgame content would only extend out the fun factor until boredom sets in again sadly.


That also applies to farming, painting, gathering x amount of stuff. Variety is needed :slight_smile:

“Nothing-the game is perfect as it is” is why I won’t participate in a poll such as this. I doubt anyone thinks it’s perfect, they just accept the limitations and continue to find joy in it and yet you relegate that mentaility to ‘other’. Troll post is troll post.


I have to agree with everything you said. My first character landed on Raxxa. I loved it. When I reached the point where I was needing a 2nd character for alt crafting/forging, I was a bit upset that I didn’t spawn on the same world, even though I had used the same specifics. I landed on Beckon, of which I’m not a fan of. And getting to Raxxa from Beckon was not a fun experience early on.

I would like it if you had a new player experience, where there was a starter planet that everyone goes to, to get used to the game. When they hit level 10, then have the option of moving to one of the other permanent planets, or staying there and playing a bit more. But their progression stops until they join the rest of the universe.


The portal upkeep forces you to play constantly. Boundless really needs something like the No Man’s Sky portal where you can connect all your beacons and warp free between them.

I know, I can port through the sanctuary but that feels wrong and is expensive, unless you use a portal network and then warp from the correct planet… which is even more annoying…

Traveling between planets in this game isn’t a journey, nor is it complicated. All it is is annoying.

I still pay my gleam club and enjoy Boundless from time to time. Adding new end-game content has a higher chance of pushing me away then pulling me in more. More content means better rewards means you have to constantly grind…


Allowing players to warp between their own beacons without portals might be a major answer to retention problems. Think about how much that would clean up portal hubs too, as players wouldn’t need them for their personal [grinding] business. I’m sure there’s a whole list of pros and cons but I bet the pros would win.

That’s my opinion of endgame content too. Unless I see other ideas, I assume that basically means “bosses”. Either they are made intensely difficult for the gamers and most players rarely do it, which I think would be cooler but would cause complaints, or it’s another farm that people are forced to do to get the new block and it becomes another routine we don’t want.

Whatever the next big content addition is, the headline should be “DON’T GRIND; UNWIND”


The portal issue is a common concern. I found myself thinking on it and it is technically cheaper for me to run one portal and use warp augments everywhere I go unless there is a portal available someone has provided.

Imagine if the game had 50000 players how many portals will be everywhere and just how expensive it would be trying to run a hub with additional homeworlds.

Portals are awesome, but IIRC I don’t think the devs planned on things like the portal hubs.

I think portals are an awesome part of the game & using oort to fuel them is interesting. The way they are currently set up is more like doors than a portal though, imo. If lots of small portals are harsh on the servers, then incentivising larger portal creation/usage might be helpful. Something like…the larger the portal, the more locations you could access from a portal location UI menu (similar to the sanctum & NMS). This might be helpful for hubs, towns, and shopping centers. These would still consume oort, so hunters will still be needed. It would be kinder on portal creators too - dumping oort shards into one big consolidated portal instead of 10 small ones. Just food for thought…maybe totally unnecessary.


Or oort is the ticket to jump through the portal and some energy source other than oort can fuel the portal keeping it open like spark or something

Requiring new players to obtain oort to access portals would further damage the NPE.


I think I’ve said this around you before, but I think that scenario would probably necessitate going back to the distributed hub system like Portal Seekers had rather than the centralized hub system like TNT. I actually prefer the distributed style, since it gives more of a “neighborhood of worlds” feel to the low level planets.


We spoke to this a little previously.

I think what might have been nice was to just have a pre-built city on each home world that had a hub of portals to other home worlds.

People really don’t realize how much the game was never a universe.

It took a while to get it pounded into my head. There’s the world server, and the clients. There’s no built-in or provided connection between the individual world servers, other than them talking to the auth server.

There are no dev/studio provided “multi-planet” resources or in game infrastructure to further the notion of a universe, other than the distances they mapped out to create a system for “portal costs”.

It is clear from some of the earlier comments still floating around that the game was definitely survived with something of a “rugged individualist” in mind.

I tried to speak earlier (a long time ago) about this sort of thing and it seemed clear that there wasn’t even a real understanding of the sort of things I was talking about.

Piping more info out of the world servers into some universal resources and opening that up would have changed things a lot, in terms of being able to create the sort of social engagement people talk about.

Providing the sort of “civil infrastructure” you’re talking about does lead to some conflicts in the social and economic aspects of the game - I understand the reasons for not doing that. Still the whole place is very bare bones, and it can take a minute to understand the various systems people have sorted out for linking it together.

I still think that if there was a dev-provided portal network with routes to every public planet, people would still come into the game with a desire to link all the planets together themselves.


Well of course, give people a sandbox… and they are going to build anything and everything.

I was more thinking along the lines of the idea that if each selectable planet (homeworld) could have had a city on them then a new player could warp to that planet and have a tutorial that led them to this city and from there you could have a “dev-provided” portal network.

You could do this with the idea like @majorvex was doing and create some tutorial planets or something instead I suppose.