Boundless' Biggest Issue

Starting a thread to hopefully discuss what we all feel is Boundless’ most pressing issue. I purposely omitted “Any development” as an option because I think we can all already agree that development is a prerequisite to any pressing issue with the game.

  • New player experience
  • Lack of endgame content
  • Nothing. Boundless is perfect as it is.
  • Other

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If you vote other, please feel free to specify.

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flashing foliage.
nuff said :boundless:


Can I have one foot on both sides of the line? I get that we need new content and more dev communication to keep this game alive for a longer duration but hands down boundless is my number one game. Nothing comes close even in the games current state. Even if we never see another update or hear another word I’ll still be here playing until they shut it down.


I chose other because:

To get more players: NPE

To retain more players: *More end-game content

I added an asterisk to the more end-game content as even with more end-game content people would still get bored.

Prime example is WoW, Guild Wars 2, etc. They have all the end game content one could want … people still leave all the time due to boredom.


I think there is no “biggest issue” and a variety of key problems that overall affect onboarding and retention of players. Each of those areas will have to be improved to grow the game in a way that keeps people around.


Boundless never went end game. The developers expressed their goals, wants, and ambitious projects they had slated for this game and then went radio silent. They stopped during early stages of setting up in game mechanics but no matter how much content they drop in this game it will still be burdened from the extreme lack of communication and updates from the past 2 years. The best thing for boundless future is to let it die and rebuild with a new game under a new name from the ashes of this one and look into characteristics, functions, and play styles that appeal to a broader audience. Big words like MAGIC, DUNGEONS, WEARABLES, AUTOMATION………. And so on can really bring in a much larger player base and in the end if you exclude big tickets items from the base game their is a good chance you won’t have enough new players try out the game which is bad for player retention and revenue will not be there to keep the game afloat. “Completely my opinion of course I’m sure everyone here disagrees with me and that’s okay”.

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Voting “other” as both the new player experience and lack of endgame content are both problems.

Also the developers not being very transparent with the players


Voted Other: - Please see my previous complaints.

IMO, the game is 100% playable & enjoyable as it is. They have added most of what was mentioned/shown in 2018 (official launch). However, this is not a single-player sit-it-and-forget-it game where players complete a level and put it down. It’s an MMO with living worlds. Players invest a lot of time (years) and $ in it.

Overall issues:

  • No active social media presence
  • No dev streams
  • No community engagement beyond absolute necessity
  • No daily in-game moderation team
  • No roadmap
  • No regular updates
  • Normal chat system needed

At this point, 4 years later:

  • New Player spawn location & tutorial needs to be done differently
  • Needs character customization & more choices
  • Needs clothing/armor choices
  • Needs more mobs
  • Needs more decor & blocks
  • Needs modular parts, blueprints & mini-games
  • Needs end-game content, temples, dungeons
  • Needs leaderboards
  • Needs more variety loot drops
  • Website needs to be updated
  • Steam needs to be updated
  • Oort online content needs to be archived

In 2022, if your game/service/product has no active social media presence, no one will know about it.


With all those changes needed, a new game (Boundless 2) might be a better option.


I voted for “other” simply because there was no all of the above option.

There are other things as well.
Aside from the usual communication from the devs or development as well as the options lined out in this poll my biggest complaint for the game would have to be the in game chat.

Sometimes it works but more often than not it doesn’t.

It’s especially bad with private messages. They can take almost an hour to update.

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I think this is pretty much /thread. Thanks for the insight @majorvex.


Adding an endgame without fixing NPE would give the ~1000 players currently aware of the game something to come back to for a while, but the game would still not get very many new players, so would it be all that much better?

On the other hand, bringing an improved NPE to bring in new players before there is something lasting to hold them longer than a few months might be a bad idea since they may not even come back for endgame if it’s added later.

And if the question is “pick one before sunset”, the answer is “well, I guess it’s endgame then”.

Selected other.
All of the speculation in the world is good and fine. Discussion among players keeps us communicating with each other. That’s never a bad thing.
However …
Until there is -some- word from the game creators as to what the future of the game is , wanting/wishing or hoping for any changes are just that.

Boundless is playable. Solo or multiplayer. There are workarounds for the workarounds. When the player base is such that the company is not profiting from keeping the game open any longer, it will be shut down.

I see no advantage as a player pointing out the obvious until wonderstruck either makes an announcement, or just fades away.

Until such time as either of those happen, I as a simple player will enjoy the time I get to spend with other humans in an environment I’ve come to love.

None of us know what tomorrow will bring. So enjoy the community while it’s active. :slight_smile:


I voted new player experience, because it really needs a better way to retain players. Of course there’s some players that do stay, but most seem to quit early on, from what I’ve seen.

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I voted other:

For a gathering/crafting/building game, its fun.
To let players be unique…there is all cookie-cutter talents/builds. Gear/Weapons are Simple but the forging takes it up a notch. But really not enough.
For a well-rounded game with plenty of content for non-builders. It needs ALOT of work.

NPE could use a small demo world that teaches a baseline to a new player but opens a portal to the capital city OR player can select a warp to their own destination. BUT thats just to get the players in…keeping them after they experience the crafting wait times, want to solo vs work with others and play the market…All that will be gone due to the grind and rewards for gathering, processing, creating etc.

PvE- This could use ALOT of improvement. Combat is basic, healing well…not so great :frowning: Oortians keep running away from my healy bombs. Need more than meteors and same resized, reskinned, sparkly mobs.

PvP: Instead of kill x players. Have PvP plots for different kinds of styles. Dodge bombs @DJDancecraft, Fun things for team vs team…

Guild specific created content…craftable armor, cloth, banners, etc. This to show the guild off. Have items that can be sold or made as collectables.

Bring in the Oort Online ruins, titans, guardians, protectors… We need a reason for using up our weapons. Having random spawned events (Sorry I dislike meteors) would promote more community involvement. Random event occurs on said planet, player states to his friends/guildmates that an event spawned. Guild spreads the word out to other non-guild players. Now players come to said gathering point and go to town.


I have to agree with MajorVex on every point. I have been preaching this for a long time in these forums and in reviews. I do have to agree with Shady as well no other game out right now is any where close to Boundless. However they have banked on that and taken an absence from the game given no updates, and little to no communications. I really feel its time they either communicate with us the paying customer that is paying for these servers and whatever else our money is paying for or we are leaving. I have no solutions here we can make polls all day long and in the end we are the ones that look like foolish because we keep coming back and spending our hard earned money on a game and a dev team that don’t really appreciate our time or money.


I would vote but let’s be honest they aren’t watching lol.

Found this instead
Pretty confident in saying the game ticks 90% of this list.

Love the game but for the love of the people that invest time and money into it year in/out GIVE IT THE LOVE IT DESERVES.


Love the list but this is not a free to play game and yes most of these points stick the landing however they shouldn’t because we pay for the game before we play. Free to play games are designed specifically to be grindy to force you to go to that cash shop.

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Agree but some games do transition to FTP like destiny did back in the day.