Boundless Builds: Invisible Lights Tutorial

In Boundless, many creations tower throughout the world but some lack the light to make them seen on horizon around you. Today, I’m here to show you guys an easy way to create invisible lights for your builds that will brighten your base without even being seen.

I’ve used this technique on my base many times and is by far one of the coolest ways to decorate and light your base up! If you already know how to use the technique, consider watching as well to see some new ways I used it in this video.


I know a lot of builders like to use the hidden gleam technique. It’s a bit more complex than the one you are showing on your video.
It is based on the fact that gleam light/color will bleed through chiseled blocks if they are placed in a certain way.

That aint rly invisible.

If you want invisible example To your floor you place gleam Then place any block top of it and Then chisel the top block with square chisel that allows Light pass through it.

Invisible Lights.
There sir.

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I won’t split hairs here.

Thank you for taking the time to make a youtube video for Boundless and sharing. We need more content creators.

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