Boundless changed my life

So I have had a lot of people ask me in the past month ask me…

“are you ok?”
“Why are you so nice?”
“What would you do if the game goes down?”

I don’t normally get personal about my life with people unless I know them… but there is so much being said about the game and I see it. I understand the feeling to a point. But boundless changed my life, and this is why and how…

So 3 years and 5 months ago was my first day on boundless… my first few months of playing was not great only because I am a slow learner so it was a bit harder for me to grasp how to play the game the most other people. But when I got to learn how to get to portals it was like a hole new world opened up in my mind of possibilities. My first shop was in “brown town” then got busy playing other games that was… Let’s just say not good for my health. After a few months I started playing boundless again when I did I made a new friend, and we built up a place together… but after a few months things fell through… that was such a hard time. I was playing for a year at that time and still was clueless on how things worked… Brown town was gone then a hole guild I was in left and still to this day don’t know what happened. Then portal seekers was gone.

There was a lot that was happening and people bashing the game at that time but I didn’t have the forums at that time so I didn’t understand what people was all talking about most of the time… after a 4 month brake… that’s when I was going through a hard time in life… things was going on with me that no one understands or knows what is wrong with me. So I had a lot of stress and playing some of the games I use to play did not help with that stress and then lack of sleep for a long time all added up… I was not always nice… I admit that. And I am dreadfully sorry for harm I have said or caused. In the start of boundless or out of it. To this day I am still not perfect, but I do my best for people to know sometimes things I type is not what I mean or things I say I don’t even realize how I came across. So if I ever say anything wrong please tell me, I am happy to listen to know what I may have said that may have hurt or I just don’t make since.

The day I finally got back in boundless was 2/5/22. No matter what game I played boundless always brought me pice and helped me when I had/have anxiety or feeling depressed.

So when I started my opera house it was something I never thought I could never do… but a long the way I have made wonderful friends and met wonderful people. Some don’t play no more but love saying hey is I can because just know if you talk to me a lot there is no way I am going to forget about you! It was also the people of boundless that helped me… not just in building or how to do something… (but that dose take a big part) it’s also knowing I was not the only one who was going through what I was going through.

So when I did my first event for my Halloween maze… I really didn’t think anyone would come. Only because I was not popular :joy: but you guys showed up and I was in tiers of joy that everyone loved what I did and it made me feel more accepted into the game.

So if the game was to shut down say tomorrow… would I be upset… well, more sad then mad. Because this game changed my life for the good. Helping you guys gets my mind off the bad I deal with. So thank you to everyone for being in my life and even tho I don’t always have much, thank you for letting me still help when I can and thank you all for helping me to continue to do what i do. I mean all this from the bottom of my heart :heart:

Sorry for all the reading and probably still have some things missed spelled, but oh well :laughing:

Do you have a game that changed your life? :heart:


I started playing Boundless the week it was released. My husband, Jarohdan, had been watching Lollash’s streams (and Aavak’s) he got the game, joined Lollash’s town, The Shire, and a day later brought me into the game. I spent the first year not realising I could talk to other people in game, I’m still really slow to remember how to stop and talk lol, and it took me years to get a forum account.

But the game itself? For the first time I had a game where I could build, and be inspired by others builds without being scared all the time because of cranky critters. For the first time I had a game where my degenerative disabilities didn’t mean I couldn’t progress at all. It takes me longer, but I can do most things I need to to build what I want.

I’ve watched players come and go. I can look over a now empty space and ‘see’ the builds that used to be there. I’ve taken on more responsibility than I ever expected to. I still love the game just a couple of months shy of six years of playing it. When it shuts down I am going to be sad. It will be like saying goodbye to a friend who has ghosted you. I wish I had the capability to build a game like this, that allowed for a slower pace of play and was as disability-friendly as this one can be.


I guess I’ll go too. Boundless was something I watched through early access, I was excited, but had been burnt on EA titles too many times to support before launch. I started playing something like sept. 15th 2016 just a couple days after full release on steam.

I spent the next few weeks learning the game and trying to find a spot near other players that people didn’t yell at me for building in (lots of ppl didn’t like neighbors at the time). Settled on the outskirts of aquatipia embassy on Beckon, found they were the friendliest group I had encountered up until that point at least :wink:

I was sinking into depression all that year, I had family diagnosed with cancer without a good prognosis, my grandmother (who was close with all us grand kids) was fading fast and doctors didn’t know why (never fully settled it even when she passed around this time in May 2021), and I had other even more personal things dragging me down into the depths of depression too.

I didn’t know that was what was going on with me though. I just thought I was loosing apathy, and caring less about things I enjoyed. I had never been depressed before so I didn’t know what it felt like, and didn’t see it in myself. But over the course of the next two years and the depression worsened boundless was the only game I consistently found enjoyment from. It was a little ray of sunshine piercing the merky clouds and showing me any of my surroundings. Family at this point had noticed my depression and were trying to help, but I wasn’t really able to put in the effort I needed to, all i cared about was keeping my family fed and doing x on boundless. By 2019 i was starting to fight the depression (but loosing) and even boundless had slowly faded into the shadows by the end of that year.

I fell away from near daily play in boundless in 2020. Animal crossing new horizons filled its slot, but it’s hard to think what would have become of me had boundless not been a life line for me in my darkest hours. I’ve only been out of depression for a couple of years now. I still see boundless in a favorable light, and hop on from time to time to bask in the friendly warmth it provides to this day. Granted boundless wasn’t the cure for it, but it was a medicine that soothed my soul while I found my footing and could climb out and join others in the sunshine once again…


Boundless has been almost like a refuge for me, helping to create the lightness of being, second only to my journal, really. It has become incredibly valuable to me, for many different reasons, and they will have my Gleam Club membership until the lights go out.


I wrote something and figured I’d let AI make it sound better since I’ve told this story several times, so here’s my contribution.

Listen up, folks, 'cause I’m about to spin you a tale that’ll have you on the edge of your seat!

So, picture this: I’m a latecomer to the game, dragged in by a buddy who just couldn’t stop raving about it. But man, my first stint? Total disaster. I was lost, frustrated, and ready to throw in the towel within a week. We spawned in some barren wasteland called Angel I, miles away from civilization. Talk about a rough start!

But here’s where things get interesting. Despite my initial setback, I couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt for leaving my friend hanging. So, against my better judgment, I decided to give it another shot. And thank the gaming gods I did, because fate had something epic in store for me.

Just a couple of days into my second go-round, we had a surprise visitor. This mysterious stranger, unbeknownst to them, opened my eyes to the true wonders of Boundless. They whisked us away to their Black & Blue Farm, and from there, it was a whirlwind adventure straight to TNT Megahub. I’m telling you, walking into that place for the first time was like stepping into another dimension. Portals as far as the eye could see, each one leading to a new and exciting realm.

And you know what? I owe it all to @Soju-VB. Without their random act of kindness, I would’ve thrown in the towel for good. But thanks to them, I stuck around, diving headfirst into the Boundless community.

Now, I won’t sit here and claim that Boundless changed my life overnight. But let me tell you, it’s been one heck of a ride. Through the game and the awesome folks I’ve met along the way, I’ve found a sanctuary—a place where I can escape the grind of everyday life and just be myself. And to me, that’s what gaming is all about: finding joy, adventure, and maybe even a few lifelong friends along the way.


I had added Boundless to my steam wishlist the day it came out. But I’d never played a building game before and was honestly feeling like my lack of creativity would hinder me, so I didn’t get it right away.
The turning point was June 5th, 2019. My grandmother had gone into the hospital a couple of days before and we were watching as she faded away. It was on the 5th that we decided to turn off life support and let her go (she had failed the apnea test several times).
After getting home, I was looking for something to fill the void. I went back and found Boundless in my steam wishlist and bought it that night (it was on sale, 33% off). I jumped into the game and was having so much fun! Within the first 2 hours of gameplay, I had two people come up to me and invite me to come see their small town and join their guild. It was a month before I moved into town. But I played with the two of them daily. Sadly, they left the game 3 months later. I miss you’ll, Afreckta and Balltongue.
Since then, I’ve been in several guilds and played with hundreds of wonderful people. I’ve seen builds and people come and go.
I’ve hit burnout twice and had a wonderful guild full of people bring me back each time.
Boundless changed my life and helped me deal with my grief and move on.
The ache of my grandfather’s passing took me a decade to stop crying every time I thought about him.
Through Boundless, I was able to deal with the grief of grandmother’s passing a lot better. I now have good dream and happy memories.

Thanks @james @Leahlemoncakes @blake
And thanks to @monty1 and @Tiggs for keeping the game around for us to enjoy.