Boundless chat


I think the chat-system is a littlebit confusing. I think it would be better to have checkboxes for all channels. Then i can choose the channels that i want to see :slight_smile: I think it is awkward to constantly switch between the channels only to see what the people have write in the channels.
Is there already i a function that i have not seen?
What do you guys think about this idea?


I agree in other games I played I was able to set what channels I wanted on constantly also I had the option to make different tabs for each channel for convenience.
I agree that having to click say,guild,trade should still work the same and only announce the chat into that section but it shouldnt limit me to only receive 1 section at a time.

I want to be able to see my guild chat my trade channel the general channel all at the same time.
Then if I want to type /guild blah blah it will post to the guild /trade blah blah it will post to the trade ect.