Boundless Coin Lotteries - prototype coming soon!

If you need coin, this is the thing for you!

How it works:
There are signs with numbers, from 1 to 10. Grapple one of the signs and wait for about 1 minute (or less). One of the numbers are the chosen one, and the person who grapples the chosen number wins the lottery, that will be revealed after everybody grapples a number. Only one person per sign is allowed. The entry fee is currently 50 coins. That MIGHT change though. Find the Lotus portal on the sovereign at Dragon’s Lair World Hub. Every session will be announced in the chat, in the Community and Events channel.

Thanks for reading, and I can’t wait to see people waiting for the session to start! :slightly_smiling_face:


I haven’t finished building the lottery room, so there might not be a session today.


Lottery in 1 minute

might start a little late today nobody has showed up yet

I love the idea! but I think you need to give people more time :sweat_smile:

lottery in 1-minute posts will make no one come. from my experience, try at least 6 hours +

i forgot to post it in the forums

might actually give more time like 20 or 30 mins

That sounds like a plan, do know the player base is low, so to fill the 9 spots will take time.
and of course, the culprit is time.
Overall good job and good luck!

i cant sit there for like 6 hours waiting
and also i am only active after like 3:15pm GMT on weekdays

then give people that time to join?
communicating and preparing is the key to have people join

ok thanks!

I recommend to add the date and time via the time stamp function (calender icon). Ive seen in the past that its not very accurately showing sometimes when someone writes. I had for example that it showed 5 mins ago and i sent the post 15 mins ago. So announcing something at least an hour ahead and adding the time stamp when the event is happening will raise the likelihood of participants :slight_smile:

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ok thanks for another idea!

if it is a daily thing, you could say each 2024-03-12T15:00:00Z 9 players max

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Now daily at 4pm GMT, will announce if cancelled.


Lotus you say?

yes its in the dragons lair world hub sovereign wall

Lottery in 50 minutes! (Time right now is 3:10pm GMT)
Starting at 4pm GMT

dont know what that means

how to do that???