Boundless Color Viewer

I’ve made a site that shows all the colors available on all planets in one big list.

Inspired by that colors spreadsheet, but slightly more organized and auto-updating (via boundlexx API).


That’s super awesome! Any chance you could add a feature where I can paste in a list of worlds that I know where are and get it to filter down to only those?

There are a lot of worlds on the API that haven’t had portals in a long time, if ever.

It’s an awesome and helpful tool exactly as it is, though, thank you for building it!

fantastic bit of work there…thank you very much :+1:

I’ll look into doing something like that. Maybe like a list of “favorites” you can mark and then filter to show just those (like you can filter by region atm).


That is awesome, thank you so much!! :smiley:

Top marks! Well done and thanks for this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well done …
… thank you very much for this great sheet :+1: :+1: :smiley:

Awesome :+1: :+1: !! Thanks @bdew

Awesome! Thank you!

Ps. Can you allow sorting of the list? (By colour)


New feature added - you can now click on any of the colors to see a details page that shows all the items that can be found with that color, and a list of similar colors.


I love it! :heart:

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This app/sheet is getting better and better …
… If DevHQ did the same for the :boundless: game content,
we Soon :tm: would have a Universe crowded with Citizens :smiley:
I like it :+1: :+1: :+1: :clap:
Keep on developing

Some updates:

  • You can now click on a planet name to show planet details page with all the colors for that planet
  • You can now mark planets as favorites and filter the list by favorites only
    • In favorites mode the list will merge home/exo/sovereign planets
  • Fixed new exoworlds not showing up in the list