Boundless Colors Names and from gleam to Refined gleam are different colors Should be fix

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There is a gleam called Blue that really bugging me Because it Does Not Look Blue At All. here is it below

Also there’s is tan and yellow they both look yellow image below

Also The azure is blue Image Below also another thing i notice when you make them into a refined color that color change a little bit and i don’t think it should

Overall I think the whole Color Code names Need to be change also from gleam to refined should be the same color as normal gleam color but the texture of the block should change of how it is currently it looks nice but colors is different and that’s not good.

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i think you had mixed gleam in stack for refining, thiis bright yellow is both bright yellow raw and refined, deep azure - raw and refined is different color for sure, you had mised raw gleam blocks putting into refining

only difference between raw and refined is that refined is always lighter and brighter