Boundless Community Guidelines - 2023

:star2: Welcome to the Boundless Community Guidelines! :star2:

Greetings, fellow adventurers of Boundless! We’re here to share some friendly guidelines for our amazing community’s social spaces and in-game interactions.

Our goal is to create a Boundless community that radiates positivity, helpfulness, and inclusivity. Whether you’re on the official Boundless Forums, Steam, Discord, or in the game itself, collectively known as “Boundless,” these places are your hub for all things game-related and beyond.

To ensure this welcoming atmosphere, the Monumental community team is here to guide discussions toward productive and engaging conversations.

Let’s talk about the rules that bind us together as members of the Boundless community. Adhering to these rules will help us maintain a vibrant and respectful environment. Not following them might lead to your posts being moved, locked, or even removed, along with possible limitations or removal of your playing privileges.

:dizzy: Being Respectful of Content :dizzy:

Boundless is a universe suitable for players aged seven and above. To align with this, any User Generated Content, forum posts, or Discord dialogues that veer into inappropriate territory will be gently removed, and we may offer guidance. It’s important to remember that this includes but isn’t limited to content that’s hurtful, disrespectful, explicit, prejudiced, or offensive.

User Generated Content comprises a wide spectrum:

  • In-game creations and structures
  • In-game chat, shouts, and private messages
  • Text on signs
  • Usernames and character names
  • Beacon names
  • Settlement and Rental Planet names
  • Forum, Discord, and Steam discussions

:european_castle: Nurturing Our World :european_castle:

In the realm of Boundless, the golden rule is “Be thoughtful.” Since Boundless is built on community, there might be instances where actions of fellow players seem discourteous to others. We’ll take each situation as it comes, but there are some clear guidelines to guide us.

Examples of Considerate Play:

  • Constructing without encroaching on another’s Beacon
  • Plotting around others without limiting their expansion
  • Mining beneath Beacons (with a special note, see below)
  • Placing blocks above Beacons

Most issues can be resolved with a friendly conversation. If not, avoid taking matters into your own hands. Remember, “They started it” isn’t a valid excuse.

If you sense griefing, you can mute or block players in-game to halt interactions. If it persists, capture screenshots and share your evidence at

:mag: The Mining Clarification :mag:

Mining under (or above) another player’s Beacon for resources and blocks is perfectly acceptable—it’s an integral part of the game. What we aim to prevent is complete removal of blocks beneath (or above) a Beacon, turning it into an isolated floating structure. If such space is required, kindly search elsewhere.

Mining is a yes.

Disruptive excavation is a no.

:robot: Macro Mastery :robot:

  • Crafting macros to perform actions across multiple accounts at once isn’t allowed.
  • Using macros to automate skills while away from your device is a no-no.
  • Farming items through macros, especially when AFK, is a negative.
  • Fully automating a character (“bot”) using macros is against the rules. Each macro should be a single action requiring your input before repeating.

:no_entry_sign: Reporting In-Game Issues :no_entry_sign:

If you encounter or observe hostile, disrespectful, or unsuitable behavior in-game, kindly report it to Publicly “naming and shaming” others on our community platforms isn’t appropriate and may be deemed as harassment.

:balance_scale: Disciplinary Approach :balance_scale:

Users straying from these rules might face disciplinary action at our discretion. Depending on the gravity of the matter, warnings, suspensions, or permanent bans from Boundless could be considered. We hold the right to remove in-game content without prior notice.

Every report is meticulously managed by our dedicated Boundless Community Team, day by day. Please be patient as responses may take a few days; rest assured, your concerns matter to us.

:seedling: Fostering Positivity :seedling:

We acknowledge that at times, your gameplay experience may differ from your expectations. We wholeheartedly welcome your constructive feedback on aspects of Boundless that may not meet your anticipated standards. To act on your insights most effectively, we kindly request your comments remain constructive.

:fire: Let’s Keep It Cool :fire:

This means no personal attacks, flames, targeted harassment, or intimidation. “But they started it!” doesn’t justify insulting another player. Flame wars benefit no one, regardless of who ignited them. If you face unpleasant behavior, please use the report feature.

Arguments can sometimes circle aimlessly, straying from the initial topic. When disputes turn into “Let me repeat for the tenth time since you seem slow,” it’s a sign to agree to disagree. Such threads may be locked.

:speaking_head: Stay on the Topic :speaking_head:

If you’re in the “General” category, let’s stick to the game discussion. We’ve organized various categories to keep posts relevant to different aspects of Boundless. Craving a burrito chat? Head to the Off-Topic section.

:no_entry_sign: No Spamming :no_entry_sign:

Posting identical content repeatedly, discussing the same topic across various threads, or cross-posting in multiple forums is considered spamming. Multiple posts may be locked, deleted, or merged, and habitual offenders could lose their posting privileges.

:lock: Let’s Avoid Bumping Threads :lock:

Posting unrelated content just to keep posts visible is “bumping.” This unfairly pushes other posts out faster and creates unnecessary congestion.

If you have additional thoughts after posting, kindly edit your original post instead of adding more. Bumping can lead to locked threads and, for persistent cases, restricted posting rights.

:triangular_flag_on_post: Flagging and Reporting :triangular_flag_on_post:

If you come across a post that needs attention from our community team, flag it. While we maintain regular moderation, immediate action may not always be feasible. Rest assured, all flagged posts will be addressed.

Misuse of the flagging system aligns with abuse of any other site feature and will be handled accordingly.

:loudspeaker: No Advertising Allowed: Our forums are dedicated to discussions centered around the game. Advertising unrelated products, services, or causes is not permitted. This includes sharing links to GoFundMe campaigns or any other promotions that aren’t directly related to the game.

:globe_with_meridians: Be Internet Wise :globe_with_meridians:

Never share your password with any Monumental staff member. Anyone requesting your Steam, forum, or other passwords isn’t acting in good faith and should be reported.

Refrain from revealing personal details to fellow players unless you’re comfortable. When unsure, connect with a community team member for advice.

:no_entry_sign: No Farewell Threads and Petitions :no_entry_sign:

Let’s keep the community vibrant by avoiding farewell threads and petitions. Farewell threads can lead to unnecessary emotional discussions, and petitions may not be the most effective way to address concerns. Instead, let’s focus on celebrating positive moments and engaging in open, constructive discussions to make Boundless even better.

:no_entry_sign: Avoid Discussing Moderator or Staff Actions Publicly :no_entry_sign:

Do not discuss the actions of Moderators or Staff in public forums or in-game. These matters are private and should be handled directly between the involved parties and the staff. Trust the Community Team’s judgment and decisions, and use appropriate channels for any concerns or queries.

:handshake: The Power of Community :handshake:

Throughout this conduct code, you’ll find mentions of the Community Team—a group of Monumental employees committed to fostering constructive discussions, enhancing gameplay, and representing the community within the studio. They’re your link to ensure your voice is heard and your questions are answered.

To keep our discussions engaging, Boundless has enthusiastic volunteer Community Leaders and Moderators on Discord and the Official Forum. Don’t hesitate to reach out on these platforms—they’re here to help!

Your Community Team:

:star2: Tiggs :star2:

Your Moderator Team:

:star2: MajorVex :star2:

:star2: Stretchious :star2:

If direct contact is needed, email

We understand that passions may flare, especially when giving negative feedback. However, let’s not foster a community that’s anything less than amazing. Constructive feedback drives development, and respecting others’ viewpoints helps us comprehend diverse perspectives.

This code of conduct should only require a moment’s thought if you follow the timeless principle: Treat others as you’d like to be treated.

Monumental maintains the right to update this guide and the Code of Conduct without prior notice.

If there’s anything not explicitly covered in the guidelines, the Monumental team will use their discretion to address those situations. This ensures that the community remains respectful, positive, and in line with the overall spirit of the rules. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to support. Let’s keep the discussions and interactions enjoyable for everyone! :star2::+1:

The above guidelines form the universal Boundless Code of Conduct, embracing all corners of Boundless: in-game, forums, Discord, and beyond. :milky_way:

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