Boundless Community Stories!


Hey Citizens!

We really enjoy hearing about your experiences in Boundless, and we’d like to start putting our favourite ones into the Boundless Bulletin.

Have you had an epic battle with some deadly Cuttletrunks and barely got away? Maybe you saw someone struggling for food and ran over to assist? Or perhaps you just made some great friends while on your adventures in the game. If you have, we’d like to hear about it! So feel free to use this post to tell us some of your favourite experiences in Boundless - screenshot and videos are welcome too!

We’ll be looking through the thread regularly and picking out the best, coolest or funniest things to go in the Boundless Bulletin.



I’ve started making a holy underground temple with a big hole as entry point. Random people started falling and dying inside of the hole, all of this while my firend started using the centraforge. His first forged chisel had a lot of debuffs and we started calling it The Cursed Chisel. Now the temple is called…The cursed Chisel temple.


hi im moebius level 21 noobplayer but ive build community that focusses on helping people and would love to be in the bulletin most info from our humble buildgroup is in this post Aquatopia¸.·´¯`·.´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸><(((º> PARTY IN THE AQUATOPIAN EMBASSY FOR NEW PLAYERS (we got giftbags )
we also recently started organizing hunts
Hunt-o-matic []++++||=======> today's hunt epic success/tomorrow special guestleader for US-hunt (Time posted)
hope ya find some stuff for the buletin there :wink:


Aha! awesome! I was looking forward to this post :smiley:
My most recent story:
So I was leveling/mining with my main and had a nice tunnel going so after my teaching porridge ran out I wanted to do the same with an alt, so I made a new one, (alt-64 of course) and got to the same place and finally (after a while) found the hole to my tunnel and jumped in. Immediately I realized I didn’t bring any food. So first I was like dang I gotta go back to the capital… but wait… I don’t have jump height and this hole is too deep anyway… I don’t have a hammer… ok well I found the hole, I just gotta get to where ctrl is.
walk 5m.
dangit. I don’t have light skill. no materials to make torches.
K ctrl, run to alt and give him some gleam. But on the way I realize he needs to run and jump through a big cave and would need jump height or a grapple…
dangit. cant take alt thru this.
alt! warp to ctrl! no. no trunks to make warp conduits.
:open_mouth: SANCTUM! XD

I’m so glad we can use the sanctum to warp :slight_smile: Thank you Devs!


One time I was exploring Lamblis looking for silver. It had not been going well, half an hour in and I hadn’t found anything. I decided to unlock a new region on my Atlas, to see if I could find a better hotspot. It turned out this region was centered over a large lava lake. I carefully built a stone bridge out over the lava, hoping i had enough stone. Just as I ran out of stone, I discovered the region, hooray! Running back to dry land, I nearly fell in the lava, but stopped myself in time. I reached the coast - I was safe. I walked a little way up the hill, then opened my Atlas to take a closer look. Just as I was getting ready to leave, BAM - my screen turned red and the number 99999 appeared on the screen over my dead body.

Well played, meteor. Well played.


I was mining on Surfing Safari. Got myself deep under a mountain for diamonds. Narrowly escaped death on surface, as my miner alt is not strong enough for the cuttles and spitters there. Happily digging deeper and deeper, closer to diamonds and farther from mobs. So I thought.

I was doing traditional hammer mining and when in a narrow corridor slowly dug with my iron tools, I suddenly heard a series of explosions. At first I thought someone was mining right above me, but then I started taking damage. I was helplessly watching my health bar depleting. It stopped just on time. I was left with maybe 10% health.

I barely had time to breathe a sigh of relief, when a spitter landed on my head. Surely the culprit of the entire fireworks show that left me barely breathing. “Well, I’m dead now” I thought. And then I noticed spitter has almost no health left. He must have hurt himself falling when he followed his own bombs (probably destroyed blocks underneath his own feet with the bombs he tried to drop on my head). So, I one-shot him and finally could enjoy some peace. I did survive, this time.


I was on Serpent Sardini (I like that nic more ^^) taking a longer walk when I suddenly was confronted with a cuttletrunk which waited shortly behind a little hill. He got aware of me and tried to get to me. I was fast on my feet (had not max but good agility), but he seemed to have the same qualities, so no way to escape him. Also, my slingbow did nearly no damage to him, so I ran for my life and found some caves. But those where just to small and open to a broad side, so he still fired at me while I was dodging behind some rocks which stand between both of us. I realized quickly that I had no chance if I stay here, so I took all my bravery and ran past him to find another way. Junping to all sides while running I acidently dropped into a very deep hole in the ground which had a not very welcoming looking lava lake at the bottom. spinning through my tools I just got to my beloved copper grapple just in time to fire it at the wall and swinging into a small entry in the underground. But this was no natural cave: Somebody had made a mining shaft there and I was just lucky enough to hit exaclty his tunnel. On this way I got away into the ground and decided to try mining instead of tree chopping for today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Something simple: the number of new players is amazing. There’s life around all the hubs, on all the planets. It’s nice to see some MMO players speak too, along with the builder chat, talking a different kind of game. Interesting times and just great to see the place buzzing with people.

There’s silly little things like people drumming up settlers for their wannabe cities at busy thoroughfares and it feels like a good time to be playing a great game. The pioneering spirit is all around, people love breaking new ground.
But it needs some balance tweaks in our favour :wink:


This case happened at last august day. I was running on Serpensarindi, finding regions, recording an Atlas to make the finding of rubies to be handier for our guys. Atmosphere protection had been 3/5 what means a hour of serene life in. First hour is elapsed, so I went through Sanctum to portal hub and left the planet.
Well, second hour elapse. Atmosphere protection is near to be expired and only orange filament still is in the very bottom.

I was thinking to oneself am I not a Wayfarer to leaping through Sanctum? One hundred of coins isn’t a money but no one coin is surplus. I set the hub as destination and teared along to. I didn’t look at cuttletrunks and didn’t pay attention to spitters, only noted privately one kilometre left before goal.

So I gallop over hills along dales, skip from one mountain to another. And I feel suddenly my protection was expire finally. Four hundreds of meters still remain before my goal but my oxygen is just elapsing. It’s good that not so fast. My lungs burning, stars twinkling in eyes, a couple of cuttletrunks are on my tail but I am still at the double.

I caught all spitters possibly when rushed into hub. Only one breath I did before flew through a portal to Till and if I had have some wool so in this case it have been turned grey. I lay on timbers in the midst of Till and just tried to not spit my lungs out. But I still alive!


Great stories, I’d love to see reenactment of those. Like those Minecraft movies


Giving a Newoort a iron hammer - very thoughtful

Giving them a diamond 9-banger hammer - ridiculously funny.

Seeing there response when you blow up a mountain with 7 m bombs for them to mine - priceless!!

Love helping all the newoorts!!!


Tonight as we sat around considering what to do, one of the previously well fed newoorts showed up at my dwelling. A few diamond hammers, some bombs and some pies later we were exhausted, went back to the disco and did a little dance. Just so happened we were all blue and the jumping mechanics were perfectly outlined. Oh good times.