Boundless Dance Party/Concert?

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Hey everyone,

What would you all think of putting on some sort of dance party or concert in Boundless? I’ve heard about big music labels putting on events in games like Fortnite and Minecraft, and I think it would be cool for us to put together a community-run event like this. I’m pretty sure there are players here who would be interested in “performing.”

I’m thinking that if we do a live-stream for the music, where each artist/DJ/etc does their thing for like an hour or something like that, then players could have that stream playing in the background while they are at some sort of in-game concert venue.

Please let me know what you all think!


Totally! I’ve been thinking this for a while

The question is, where would we do it? And who would perform?
I would be happy to DJ as part of the event, but I’m pretty sure not everyone would like my style of music… (I like Techno, Electronic, that kind of thing…) Maybe if we had multiple “stages” for different genres?


Sounds interesting! I’d stop by and check it out. I like techno…dubstep, chiptunes, honestly almost every kind of music!


That sounds fun! I’d love to come watch. Maybe they could introduce a dancing emote along with it? :thinking::thinking:


Could have multiple djs like silent disco, in multiple discord channels


Yeah, good idea!

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I just had a personal dance party on the way to gleam universe.

Unfortunately i believe public dance parties require pants.


@Orrian Lol, yes it would have to be family friendly :joy:

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I got DJ in my name, so you can count on me!

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@DJDancecraft Awesome! What genre(s) would you play?

Hard choice. I’ll try to figure something out. More of a mixed genre guy so I’ll just pull together some music

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Okay, cool. Since it would be community-run, just about anything is good :smiley:

Also, we can use LED blocks to setup lights for the shows!

Fun fact about me … i worked as a Dj for couple of years.

Great idea. : )


Hell yea DJ Buugi

Hope someone builds an LED disco floor

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My Dj days are long gone :smiley: .
I used to play house and stuff ,but nowadays i prefer listen ambient ^^

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All of my festivals have been canceled this year :sob:

Well except one… tho I anticipate it to be canceled as well. EDC Orlando. Next year tho SAMF, Movement, EDC Orlando, possibly Electric Forest.

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I know right! All the best music festivals that I had been looking forward to are canceled…

So, it sounds like a lot of people like this idea… so I think a little later I will open a new thread calling all music performers/artists/hobbyists/etc who want to participate.

The main question I have is when and where would we do this party/concert? Does anyone have any idea where would be a good in-game venue?

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I know @Spoodle has experience in building dance floors! He’s a busy guy though so who knows :thinking::grinning:

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