Boundless discord disappeared for me [RESOLVED]

As the title says, started up my pc this morning, discord loaded up, looked at the servers I belong to, and the official Boundless was missing. Have no idea what I’ve done. I searched ‘boundless’ in discoverable discords, but couldn’t find it there either, I did find 13 other games that used the words ‘have boundless fun’ in their description though. Any suggestions on how to retrieve?

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it says I’m unable to accept invite


try clearing the discord cache.

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I cant see you when i search up nor can tag you. Seems youre not part of the official boundless discord (anymore)?

the problem has been found and @Eneitgranny will contact boundless support regarding the discord matter.


My guess is that she got accidentally kicked from the server. It’s happened to me.

Interesting - Boundless was (vir MrAvocado) the literal reason I joined discord.

Also gone from my list. I don’t think I’ve posted there in quite some time, wonder what I could have done.

I was able to re-join with the link above but now today is my join date :frowning_face:

I’ve sent a message to the boundless support email, looks like I’ve been banned. Not sure why. I don’t think I’ve done anything awful there.


And sorted - thank you @Tiggs - I got caught in the crossfire of expunging a spambot. Hopefully it was a valiant death, the resurrection was tough lol. Now to go sign into the game.


Issue has been resolved.