Boundless Emoji available on the forum 🔨

We need one of James now so we can show how munch we love what he and all devs do for use in this game keep it up James and all DEVS we love you.


I’d love a James face emoji


Hmmm as a regular I could add the Dev tag to this topic. But as a Dev chose not to have it on the topic I feel I probably shouldn’t do it. Even tho it could have been an oversight on his end. I just don’t need the wrath of the devs on me.

:wildstock: :wildstock:

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forgetting the candy totem emoji :candy: :totem:

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James and the Devs sounds like a band name :wildstock:


Adds to photo edit list :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I wonder who would play what though? Hmm. :thinking:

Dev emojis would be epic, but I’d be the first to admit if I were a dev I’d be all like “Oh no way” :rofl: Imagining wandering around bases to see what has been done with my image- was going to mention possibilities but better not… :scream_cat: (NMS fan shenanigans also show how horrifying this could go, haha… and our own edits here! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Are there plans to add any more Boundless emoji?

Like bars/compact/refined/deco blocks, or monster drops/trophies etc?

Oh, apologies…


There, that’s better :zombie: