Boundless Empires is here! Enjoy The Update Everyone


I 100% agree but cross world messaging, settlement protection and more buffs will play a huge road ahead for titans etc so least these features will be major help down the road!

@majorvex not so much about what we need now as to the uses it can have later!


I don’t disagree.

I just want actual content more is all.


As a member of a large guild, many of us play and keep playing because of our connections to each other. There are so many threads on player retention on this forum, having in game guild/chat features is a great step to keep players connected and connected players come back and keep playing. (yes more content is also good! Not devaluing additional content like farming/private worlds ect)

Also, the stress of organizing a large guild right now is pretty heavily felt. I know in Portal Seekers we are using Google Docs, Discord, Emails, Steam…all to fill in the gaps that much of this update fixes! It will make things so much easier…which in turn allows us to focus on portal creation and other fun community projects…which also benefit everyone else!

I know I am excited for this update!~! It can’t come soon enough!


Not sure “retention” is the goal with such a low player count. I am testing a couple of MMOs in Alpha with thousands of players. :thinking:



It helps retain me :wink: haha


Keep in mind this does not show PS4 player count; thought the count may seem low this isnt a AAA game company the goal is to update and bring players in through more content like many games do :slight_smile:


Also, it will give the mechanics of guilds some time to “bed in”. It’s a big change and despite everyone’s efforts and help on the test servers, I doubt it will be perfect on Day One. I bet the Devs are really nervous as well as excited :wink:


I think this guild update and the chat functionality it brings is an important part of the foundation boundless needs to move forward. Even if people can’t afford to keep the buffs running 24/7 they now have the ability to communicate across the whole universe. Making people who choose to build out by themselves out on a T6 still feel connected to their guild. I think this will increase player retention even if only a little bit.

It also makes running a community a lot easier I would imagine. (Donating road plots to the guild so they can be more easily maintained is one example, more permissions, etc).

I think this guild update was much needed before any real content comes out for the game. Once the content comes to the game I would expect (maybe) more marketing and thus more players. But chat was a major thing missing in boundless. Now we have it :smile:


I feel like someone needs to say thanks again to the dev team. These all sound like great improvements to an already great game.

Also feel the need to point out that these updates likely arent instead of new content or other features, its probably in addition to, and im pretty sure theres more coming. Would be very suprised if this update drops and we hear “yep we’re done, thats all the things now”.

Its another step in the right direction, and addresses some very regular community feedback and pain points for a lot of people, which is always a good thing.

Keep up the great work!


How do, Buugi? Lost as in left out, or lost as in confused?


If the servers go down at 930 UTC, what does the typically maintenance window look like? 30 minutes? an hour? Thanks


Probably at least a couple hours for a big update. They’re not usually an all day thing like other games though.


Something I’m failing to understand is where the decision to use Super-Enriched Bonding Agent requirement came from.

This specific tier of bonding agent isn’t used to make any tools yet, and will presumably be required for the next tool tier, and right now this could be considered the “end-game” bonding agent. So how come new blocks that are not exactly “end-game” require Super-Enriched, instead of say, just regular Enriched Bonding Agent. Edit: My mistake, Super-Enriched does not require shimmering, but I’m still confused. :slight_smile:

In any case, I do look forward to making some of the new blocks, especially marble and mosaic types, I would just like to understand the rationale behind the bonding agent cost. Shadow Orbs are not particularly difficult to get anyway.


I think the point for these new blocks is to make some blocks that aren’t seeing much (or any) use have a point in crafting.

At least, that explains the Super-Enriched and Tangle.

I’d expect the cost will be lowered later on when Super-Enriched has other purposes.


Expensive… But pretty. They’re trying to creatively get rid of shadow orbs that players rarely use. Clever :thinking:


^This. And Ancient Vital Essence that was seldom used.


Yeah don’t forget more common use for gravel, and something to do with mantles.

I thought I had a ton of “useless” essence around but 2 mass craft of super enriched bonding agent took care of that, right away.

Also nobody mentions the features I’m waiting on most lol.

That new build/plot analyzer tool, and the ability remove beacons when you can’t find the ‘hidden’ plots that you accidentally added at some time.

I need both of these.


From 5 minutes to 16 hours like with any update from any company…


i guess they never miss huh?


Out of interest, why the named update and not a number as in the past? I don’t see a connection between what you’re releasing and the word Empires. Is it meant to be a name related to the content or just window dressing?