Boundless Empires is here! Enjoy The Update Everyone

Greetings Citizens, and happy new year!

We’re going to have a little downtime while we update the game tomorrow morning from 0930, but it’s for an exciting reason. We’re very pleased to share the first release of 2019 with you all: Boundless Empires!

This is our biggest post-launch release to date, introducing a host of new features which we believe will really change the way Boundless is played. Those of you who have been playing on our testing version will be aware of what’s coming, but let’s go through what’s new.


First up, we are releasing our Guilds feature to the live game. The system will allow for huge cooperative builds, massive organised group hunts, and even complex social and political events to be put together within the structured framework of a centralised group of players. Starting as a lowly Operative, a player might eventually rise to the coveted role of Director. We can’t wait to see which groups rise to power first - it’s going to be brilliant to be a part of. This post is more focused on the Patch Notes, so for a full write up of the guilds system, head here;

Cross Universe Messaging

We’re also bringing in our Cross Universe Messaging system. This essentially complements the Guilds system, bringing asynchronous messaging to the game. Players will be able to leave messages to others even when they are offline, creating a more flexible method of communication for all players, not just those in guilds. Think Discord for an idea of how this will work in practice.

New Blocks!

We’ve also got 4 awesome new decorative block types going into the game, which we think will look great when players can incorporate them into their builds. These are Marble, Mosaic, Refined Gravel, and Wicker - there’s not quite like any blocks we’ve currently got in the game, so we’re excited to see what you guys can do with them!

Alongside a wide range of bug fixes and quality of life changes, we’re sure these new features are really going to add to the Boundless experience, and we can’t wait to see how you all get on with the new guilds system.

For the latest patch notes head here;

See you in there!



This is going to be hit or miss.


I’d say hit, bar any major bugs. I even got the delux edition today! :smile:

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Well hopefully thats the case.
I can guarantee half of the people are lost with the guild stuff.


I hope at least one of these blocks has a black variant.


Grumble grumble, deluxe upgrade, grumble grumble, PS4, grumble grumble, when’s it coming? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::angry::pray::innocent:


Oh yeah, got my mats for black marble stocked up and ready to go :sunglasses:

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PS4 still doesn’t have delux? They clearly don’t need the money! :wink:

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I didn’t playing testing. What’s it take to make black marble?


I dunno but those new blocks doesnt see so "holymoly"to me. If they can do this kinda blocks makes me wonder why we are building with rocks lol

(Testing 210: Guilds and Messaging++!)


Ha, you beat me to it.

Your forum posting powers are greater than mine! :frowning:


Oh cool! So it looks like all of the blocks can be black! Biggest boundless update yet = 4 new blocks (for me anyway, I’m sure others are very happy with guilds…).


Though guilds are awesome I’m more excited for new blocks! Wish there was more but we are getting there!


Ima do a happy dance when farming comes out :upside_down_face::tomato::carrot::potato::sunflower::wilted_flower:


Farming? Still waiting on ladders.


Yes! I cant wait the guilds update is a nessecity though so I’m being patient but hopefully now we can hear more about Farming soon and a expanded roadmap into what’s next!

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Personally I care more about actual content.

Guilds are nice, but the prospect of having farming blocks is more exciting.

Just glad things are moving forward.


I don’t really see what benefit we’ll get from Guilds at this point in the game’s development. There’s not enough people playing yet imo. And it costs coin, materials…seems stressful. Meh.