Guilds System Overview


Hey everyone

As you may have heard, Guilds are coming to Boundless in our very next update! You’ll see this feature arrive when we update the game tomorrow morning. This is of course a big feature to add to the game, and one we’re all excited about, so let’s get into the ins and outs of the system.

The aim of the Guilds system is simple - to allow players to play together, as we know many of you enjoy. The system allows for a structured and planned style of group play, and we can’t wait to see what players can do when they combine forces. Playing as a part of a Guild will bring a whole new approach to Boundless, and with the game continuing to expand as development continues, the system will make it easier and more fun for you to enjoy all our exciting new features with your friends.

Players aligned with a Guild will be easily recognisable in-game, with the Guild name appearing in their on-screen name and that of their beacon - we’ll have more on beacons in a moment. There are many different roles available to Guild members, from regular Operatives all the way to the ultimate position of Director. While only one Guild can be your ‘primary’ at a time, one player can be a member of up to ten Guilds.

Guild members will share success as the Guild builds up its own store of coin and prestige. While only certain members will be able to control the finances of the group, the Guild members will work together for the fame and glory of their particular organisation.

Beacons can be aligned to Guilds. This will share the prestige of that Beacon with the Guild, allowing the Guild to compete on Settlement and World Prestige tables. Permissions on that beacon can be set to be controlled by a Guild, which is very useful for setting up shared spaces. When a Beacon is aligned or controlled by a Guild the original owner of the Beacon will still remain as the owner, and can unset the Beacon’s Guild status at any time.

The Guilds system also provides a solution to the incorporation of smaller settlements into larger ones. Aligning a beacon to a Guild preserves the identity of that beacon, as well as their settlement status. Thus, smaller settlements can exist within the boundaries of a larger one without being annexed, and retain their name, warden, independent prestige and so forth - but the beacons must be aligned to the same Guild.

To illustrate this in clearer terms - let’s imagine a small settlement called ‘Kingston’ has formed, but a far larger one, ‘London’ has grown around it. Whereas before, Kingston would simply become part of London, the entire settlement of Kingston is now able to exist within the boundaries of London. Of course, there’s nothing to stop the inhabitants of Kingston gaining enough prestige to overthrow London and claim naming rights…

There are a variety of roles within a Guild, similar to existing permissions on beacons. An Operative is the entry-level position, with Builders, Engineers, or Worker rights being assigned to each beacon via the Guild controls. Controllers are the next level. These are able to assign coin, privileges, or buffs depending on their individual job within the Guild. Executives are the next tier, in command of the Controllers and able to name settlements. These report to the Directors, who retain serious influence within the Guild. There can be one Director, or several, but a Director can only unseat themselves, not each other, from their Guild.

Members of all levels can also enjoy buffs from their primary Guild only. These are assigned via Helix Machines, which bestow up to three buffs to every active Primary member of a Guild at the point of activation. To create a buff, a Guild must spend coin and ‘endeavour’. Endeavour is gained for a Guild by its Primary Guild members earning XP. It’s important to note that only XP gained whilst membership is active goes towards this total.

Guild Directors can also form Factions. These are smaller groups within the larger framework of the Guild, in order to better organise permissions and work. Buffs can also be allocated to specific factions within a Guild, allowing flexibility in how the wider Guild approaches their adventure.

We’re really excited to see what veteran players and newcomers alike can do with the Guilds system. It’s a way of making the game more structured around group play, and will allow large gatherings of allied players to pursue their shared goals within the mechanics of the game. Who will be the most powerful Guild in the universe? It’s going to be a lot of fun finding out…

Boundless Empires is here! Enjoy The Update Everyone

:thinking: So, same as before?


People are struggling to find enough players to band together to keep some hubs/cities going. I really feel like the Guild system would work better with thousands of players in-game (seems a bit premature atm). As it is, a lot of players prefer to solo, and out of 200-400 players that doesn’t leave enough to divvy out daily Guild tasks/responsibilites. I know ya’ll really want to implement the guild system & it’s coming whether some of us like it or not :worried: and I ofc, don’t speak for anyone other than myself. I can tell you folks are putting a lot of effort into the new system. I am looking forward to content & QoL updates in the future :+1:

I’m not really interested in fame & glory…just love to play the game & enjoy it. :woman_shrugging:


It could be just me , but looking at this wall of text makes me wanna hit the esc and run. I suggest you edit this to more readable way.


As a solo player, I’m not sure this benefits me in any way really. I really hope I can afford some of these buffs, but I honestly doubt I’ll be able to. I kind of feel like this is forcing me to join a guild so that I can benefit from buffs.


There are some guilds planning to allow solo players to join with no expectations/interaction required but still allowing you to receive buffs. You could look into one of those


This is one reason i would like devs start doing dev streams. Explaining things on stream could be better than forum post.


This could be fine, depends on how guilds are implemented.

It should be tiered. The larger the guild, the harder it has to work for the buffs/bonuses.

As long as it’s still about equal. A guild of 100 people will have an easier time, since while some will be lazy, others will be more active to make up for it, while a guild of 10 people can still obtain the same buffs and power if they are all active.


Benefits from this update for the solo player are:

Offline messaging for communicating with the player base (who may be building near them)

Guild Structure allows you to create a guild and align it to your beacon, this will prevent it from being renamed.

Guild Buffs : While you might not be able to keep them up all the time as a solo player, you will be able to have weaker buffs up on occasion. A cool boost, especially if you are planning on playing a lot in a given week

In-Game Chat System if you do choose to join a guild

Just wanted to line those out! I am pretty excited about the update.


But this requires a LOT of coin and endeavour from XP gained…from ppl aligned to the guild. Therefore solo players probably won’t be able to benefit from guilds - but it seems everyone will be forced to join or make one.


Boundmoore is forming a solo players guild that I will be in to, I think itll help a lot for those of us that want to generally run solo but cant sink our own into it.

Should consider joining us


Creating a guild is actually pretty quick (and doesn’t require coin or Endeavor)! The Endeavor system is for after the guild is created related to buffs!

I really like the idea of creating a guild as a solo player because it adds a symbol by your name that other players can see. Since it is your solo guild, you can just make it something cool that fits with your characters :smiley: I know I am going to do it on one of my alts :smiley:


That’s the thing though, if I’m gonna be joining a guild for the benefits, I might as well join a real guild rather than some rag tag band of misfits.


Please name the guild “Hobos”


You have to make a guild control and to get buffs you have to make helix machines and align your beacon. It requires endeavor & $$$$$ coin, etc.


Guild buffs require coin and Endeavor.
Creating a guild control does not require Coin or Endeavor.
Creating a guild doesn’t require coin or Endeavor.

A solo player can have the weaker buffs (not highlighted in the screen shots) as they are more reasonably priced. The buffs are designed to have the Mega Buffs for big guilds and the other buffs for smaller/solo players.

Regardless, you can create a guild and align it to your beacon as a solo player for no coin and zero endeavor.

The Guild System is one process (create guild item, align to beacon) and the buff process (create helix, power coils and power it)

You can have a guild without buffs. :smiley: hehe


Every “real guild” started as a rag tag band of misfits at some point.

@Buugi not happening.

But the blatant disrespect is noted.


I’m not quite a solo player, but my gf and I are looking fwd to aligning all our alts to one household guild, getting improved permissions, a bank to store our shared coin, etc.

I probably play all my alts enough to keep a minor buff going permanently but I imagine we’ll stockpile endeavor unless we truly need to spend it or there’s a three day weekend or w/e.

It’s a real treat to have devs explaining systems so clearly and detailed. Knowing the inner workings makes it easier for the community to provide support to other members and suggest improvements. The in-game introduction to these features is probably much more succinct and focused toward a casual understanding.


Hmmm, that might be my calling!


Different buff levels also allows anyone to get at least a buff a week.


that to me tho has always seemed like the goal of the game ether play together or suffer its why the grind mountain keeps getting bigger with each update