Guilds System Overview


Love guilds coming out, love the new chat system even more.

Just had a thought on endeavour, though.

If it’s gained through xp, what’s stopping players from making alts, quick leveling them to X level, delete, and start over?
Wouldn’t this also abuse the pie xp buff even more?

I think xp gain needs to be looked at a little better . This might be important now more than ever.
Higher tier planets take more hits, but same xp as lvl 1 planets. Might see more hunter runs simply bc it’s the only real source of staggered xp gain…

Just my 5-min break thought so excuse any mistakes or broken thoughts. :sweat_smile:


You can have all the endeavor in the world but you still need coin to go with it.


Comparing to typical guild we are creating alliance of solo players, there is no strings attached - you still play solo; only thing (unavoidable) you need to bring in, is some coins on weekly basis to get the buffs running. Other than that you won’t be asked to participate in “guild” projects or donate materials for whatever is needed for the guild (as nothing will be needed for this one - we are just lose group of players with their own projects, putting money together to be able to enjoy buffs).


too late, sorry :joy:


Wouldn’t say no to a video or whatever, but is it really a wall of text when it’s properly formatted (paragraphs, etc?) Are books just walls of text stacked together?


Well as ive said make it more readable.
Use basic things “bold” letters and such.


So the question for this is do we see only the guild name or role aswell?


As a solo player you can join most big guilds like Portal Seekers.
So far i know we dont have any requirements to join :slight_smile: so free buffs for everyone!
Ofcourse it well always be nice if you help. but it is not a requirement! no strings atteched.



A few questions that are still unclear to me, some of these may be answerable by those on the test server.

  1. Do beacons need to be touching to A) count toward guild prestige B) Align to the guild C) Be part of the “preserved” settlement name.

  2. Can I start my own guild to preserve my settlement but assign a different guild as my primary?

  3. If I use an alt to start a guild to preserve my settlement name, but that alt’s beacon is not the top prestige, Can that beacon still be the “main” beacon of the guild and that alt the Director?

  1. Does the guild name have to match the beacon name? IE, can the beacon be named Appletown but the guild be Orangetown?

My goal: I have a settlement and want to preserve it. I’m not in danger of being consumed, but better to take care of it from the start. Each of my alts have a beacon there so I’d like them all to be aligned to the guild. One of them isn’t touching the rest and is not, technically, part of the settlement.

However, I would also like my various alts to be part of larger guilds that match their skill sets. Embur part of a hunting guild, Smoulder part of a builder’s/crafters guild, Char and Magma part of a chef/brewers guild.

The issue is that Smoulder is the Warden of High Ridge and, I assume, needs to be the one to start the guild because of that. But I’d like his experience to go toward whatever Crafters guild he joins.


What happens with my other alternate characters,I have my alt who I have as a forger crafter in my town ,so I guess I just align my alts beacon to mine then? I dont want anyones beacon aligned to mine only my alternate character.Im solo player and dont wanna have any other player part of my town.I prefer just me n my alts this way no hassle.Can a solo player make a guild just for myself and my alternate characters or do I have to have other players join my town?


From what I tried on testing, the answer should be yes here: I’m going to be having a primary guild that will be different from my own personal guild which will be the one I’ll assign my personal builds to.

As for your alts question, you should be able to align all the beacons to your personal guild whilst still having a different primary guild for each and every single one of your alts.

Nobody can join your solo guild without your permission. So there should be no real danger of that happening.
Edit: That doesn’t mean someone isn’t able to place beacons next to you unless you’ve beaconed a large area off as reservation, but that is no different from the situation now.


So really this guild system is just a better way of playing with friends ,and dosent change what I have set up now.It looks complex written in text all of this guild business but really it’s no different so my plots n kand are still safe ,so that’s mainly what I’d be concerned about.Luckily I plotted alot of my place ahead so I’ve not had huge issues with anyone plotting on me doorstep…lol well had one once many moons ago but devs sorted it out so it’s looking good.Thanks for feedback.


A) No - all beacons across the entire universe that are aligned to a guild will contribute to the prestige of the GUILD.

B) No - any beacons independently of location can be aligned to a guild.

C) Yes - beacons always need to be touching to form a Settlement. This will hopefully be clearer now that the logic works on the plot rather than chunk level. So if your have 2 disconnected beacons in a settlement then they both contribute to your prestige and ranking. If they’re aligned with a guild then the same thing happens.

If you want to form a guild settlement then the beacons need to be touching.

I think it’s easier to think about this as everyone in a settlement wants to group together in a guild and protect their identity. It works.

But if you think about a huge settlement that already exists with little pockets here and there, then it will not form a settlement because it’s not connected.


CHARACTERS join Guilds. Characters can join many guilds. Characters own beacons. And their beacons can be aligned with any of their guilds.

CHARACTERS select a single guild as their primary and this guild receives their Endeavour and returns the guild buffs.

It doesn’t matter who starts the guild. (You can start many.)
When beacons are aligned to a guild their prestige is accumulated and then the guild takes the position of Warden if their accumulated prestige is greater than any other players or any other guild. This really means that the guild directors can control the Warden.


  • Beacons can be named.
  • Guilds can be named.
  • Characters can be named.

The only thing that links these together is that the guild tag [ABC] will be presented before the character name and guild name. (And maybe the beacon name - can’t remember.) This is just to be clear about alignment.

I think this is all possible.

Create the Biv guild, and all Alts join this. Then all Alts align their beacons with the guild. Then the guild will be the Warden of the settlement. (You could also switch from Aligned to Controlled and then run all the beacons by permissions in the Guild.)

Then each Alt joins another guild and set it as their primary. They then get the buffs from that guild.

Yeah - it is kind of complicated. But once you start playing with it - it’s actually pretty simple. Guilds are simple. The thing that makes them seem more complicated is the interaction with beacons and settlements - which are actually the complicated bits.


Awesome, thank you.


The coin is easy enough to get playing the market but two questions

  1. Is endeavor 1 for 1 like 1xp for 1 endeavor.
  2. How long does the buff last? Does it wear off when your machine breaks or how does that work.


I still say you should have to visit the guild hall every day to get your buff. Just one bit of forced interaction on an otherwise passive system.





If I ever form a guild I am using “Hobos”. All builds must either be intentionally unfinished or resemble a boxcar.


I would build a bridge to live under.


Super duper pass