Guilds System Overview

  1. from what I saw today it looks like 100 xp=1 endeavor
  2. buffs last a week - can’t answer the other part about wear


Base on this, so if one players had house between me and my guild’s house, and that player currently leave the gam, my place won’t be able to connect to the guild settlement forever ? (It showed up like Unname settlement…)


I was going to say that your wording is mean spirited.


Your guild sounds very nice to me and an alternative to others. The rudeness you received at the kind offer is uncalled for.


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That wasn’t my intention. I meant it to be funny. I can’t imagine that “rag tag band of misfits” is offensive to people.


Unless the beacons touch they will not form a single settlement.

But with enough prestige in the separated groups you can still have: “East Wadeville” and “West Wadeville”.

AND if you guild aligned beacons have the most prestige in the greater settlement you can name the entire thing: “Greater Wadeville”.


Thanks for the reply here,
But the problem is after i aligned my home beacon to guild it turn to “unnamed settlement”
Also i can’t find the UI to Re-name it unless I remove the guild aligned.


Hi would I benefit from making a guild? Does having your own guild give more protection to my town? I am a solo player.Just me and my 1 alternate character,


Apart from buffs for your character, having a guild or belonging to one can help you protect your settlement identity. You have to align your beacons to the guild you are in.
If there are other players building next to you and with more prestige, your settlement loses its name and your beacons all belong to that bigger settlement. If you are in a guild, you can align your beacon or beacons to that guild, and then you get option to have a separate settlement name. However it only matters when your settlement is part of a bigger city ran by other players and you don’t wish to have this city name displayed when in your beacon.

If you have your own town and no one else builds there (or you build with 1-2 friends that agree to towns name), you don’t have to be worry about identity of your settlement and joining guild would only be about getting buffs.


I prefer playing solo, but the longer I play, the more I realize that this game was in no way, shape, or form designed for solo play.

The amount of grind, confusion, poor workbench/machine item selection is the reason this game has not grown more than a few hundred players at any given point in time.

I do love the complexity of this game, but it really does require too much dedication & time for most people to appreciate the breadth of what there is to offer within the game.

The guild system, while pretty darned neat, is not really a viable mechanic with the current level of players. I’m glad it’s there, don’t misunderstand, but it is just not going to add much to the game given the low player #s.

Please put more money (real $) into marketing. Whomever is marketing this game is not doing a great job, nor is your social media manager.

Please focus on replacing them so that we can have more players. We’ll do our part in spreading word-of-mouth, but on some level, you’re really going to have to push this game into the faces of more hardcore players to bump these numbers.


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