HELP! What is "new content"?

Hey Everyone.

As the Guilds are finally landing on Live tomorrow I’ve been exploring what comes next. It’s always a fun process as we get to play with ideas for expanding the universe, but it’s followed by a painful process where we have to get serious and cull the list down to something achievable!

We already have new features in the pipeline and some of these will land in the next-next update in a couple of weeks. But before I update the roadmap I want to gather some feedback and opinions from the community.

There have been many many posts and comments on the forum talking about features and changes players want to see in the game. These are great and really useful. Please keep them coming!

There have also been many posts where players have said that there has been “no new content since launch”.

I want to get a better understanding what everyone thinks new content includes.

Q: What is new content for you?

Q: What do you want to see come to Boundless throughout 2019?

Please link to other threads and posts if you think you’ve already answered this elsewhere. It help us get all the ideas into a single place.


New content to me is anything that keeps the player base engaged be it new mobs … RSS… blocks … etc.

The one thing I would like to see sooner rather than later is the things needed to complete some of the uncompleteable achievement sand feats like special worlds and at least 2 new planets as there is a feat that requires 50 planets to be discovered and we are stuck at 48.


Anything that changes the gameplay. it might be small like the atlass improvements to big like guilds!

more content regarding hunts. Improvements like compas changes!
Oh and playing with water would be fun.


“New Content” to me is something that doesn’t already exist. i.e. Titans, Farming

I’d like to see some new Epic Skills get thrown into the mix!


New content to me is additions that represent new features/items that expand the builds/playable of the game.

Don’t get me wrong I like the guild update but really it’s just a expansion of chat/settlements.

I want to see new new; farming, fishing, taming, vechiles/transportation/blocks etc

Dont get me wrong I will always respect your guys work, you are doing amazing with fresh content and community interaction!

However in 2019 I’d like to see the ability to unlock all trophies and achievements :joy: so eventually I can platnuim it someday.

P.S. single player/offline play and a physical release (physical after single player/offline added) would be amazing :innocent::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


New content would be the addition of new features that add to the game, like guilds and farming.

In 2019, I would love to see quests (daily and weekly), as well as the Titans and new enemies like the Hunter. I would also love to know more about farming.

I would personally love to see the glass blocks change. I would love to be able to chisel them and it would be really great if they no longer have such a large grid line. Perhaps the grid lines can go away when they are placed beside one another, like sign mods do?

Other than that, surprise me!:nerd_face::+1:


Anything not currently in the game.

Several things to see in 2019 would be (in order):

  1. Private/rental worlds or whatever they will be designated.
  2. Farming
  3. Titans

stuff to keep the diehards busy the people who have a milion off each item need something more chalenging def add the enemy totems thats something those players can put there mind on on obtaining
i see loads off players who go at it like madmans then to realize they have done it all and have no more challenges

dungeons and the hunter enemys
titans bosses
stuff to keep those players busy
the slow paced players have plenty off stuff to do atm


“Content” to me would be narrative.

The emergent narrative is great for a while. As players progress to the experience limit, have tasted all the finest in-game meats and built their Barbie-pink fantasy dungeon, they’re going encounter diminishing marginal satisfaction with their play time. Social encounters can diffuse that, but there are only so many hunts you can go on and guild committee meetings you can chair before even that becomes chore-like.

Always leave them wanting more, but not just more of the same.

It’s not scalable to have enough stuff in-game to always keep everyone enthralled. What is scalable is time-limited narrative activities, like the recent seasonal content. Instead of new items and recipes, it could be a (relatively low-level) planet that has appeared, and will disappear, that has custom ruins (or whatever) to explore. Something that can introduce lore elements that can be built on in later narrative content, but that allows for emergent aspects. A “tell me a story” thing that lets each player tell their own story, because they’re the central character.

I’m thinking the most attractive and satisfying thing you can have players craft is their own story, and make it so they can keep adding to and enhancing it. I think time-limited hand-crafted toys in the sandbox would do it, and it wouldn’t require the technical overhead and diminishing returns of new blocks or balancing the economy.

tl;dr something to do, not just something to have


My personal needs in order of importance:

  • Character Faces (I have friends that refuse to start playing solely because of the grumpy female face)
  • Outfits / Clothes (see above)
  • Compacted Oort Shards (I don’t want to babysit portals anymore)
  • Placeable Water (Just not on 1st place because the other 3 are even more unbearable)
  • Fences/Poles :heavy_check_mark:
  • Ladders
  • Bookshelves (Decoration) (OR Actual Books to put on actual Shelves)
  • Guestbooks
  • Gift Stands (Basically player made treasure chests to create player made dungeons!)
  • Dungeons generated by the game.

Stuff to find or do, hmmm, things added, not just alterations to existing!

Farming, of course farming. I need this :stuck_out_tongue:


Stuff that completely changes the way we currently play and build.

I would love to see the Poles be implemented, along with the Hunter mob


New content is anything we didn’t have before, or that changes how we play the game.

Guilds don’t do that. We’ll still build, craft, and work, but now we’ll do it while attached to an organization. I could be wrong here, and can’t say for certain until I get the final product.

Those 4 new blocks? They are new content. They’re going to change how people build, add new materials to play with, etc.

New planets are new content. They bring new colors, new landscape, new places to build. Doesn’t have to be a T6 planet. T4 could use a little love here. Some T7 planets might not be bad either, with new monsters.

I was watching a stream last night, and Jankey had some ideas about games that could be played and how it would work. Things to do, especially with other players, that isn’t just combat could be fun.


Farming is new content for me ^^ it’s what i’m most excited for after the guild update. Other new things that I would definitely like to see are the titans/ protectors, or at least some more interactive stuff to let us get to know more about the extinct Oort race in-game.

Beyond that, I’d love to see more customizable races and types of furniture!


New content to me is new items to build/craft with, new ways to interact with other players, and new environments to explore and interact with.

I’d like to see ladders, doors that can be set to auto close, compacting sand to sandstone to be able to build with, breedable mobs, and farming.

  • New items that we can interact with.
  • New creatures/mobs.
  • New items to craft (ie: furniture, decor, landscaping items, blocks, different glass, roofing, fences, ladders, machines, tools, light fixtures, etc.)
  • Farming
  • Fishing
  • Mailbox, “like/love” stand/box/fixture
  • Pets
  • Transportation (vehicles, ride-on-animals/creatures, gliders…)
  • Odd planets (temporary, extremely dangerous, upside-down, void of color, etc)
  • Temples & Dungeons with exciting bosses, mobs, loot
  • New loot

The game is great and I love it. Any additional content is certainly a bonus. I’m anxiously awaiting the farming aspect. As for new content, I’d love to see new weapons, tools, machines. I love that you’re adding new blocks and would like to see more from time to time. I would suggest more complex blocks like pavers for roads that could give you a speed buff. How about engineering blocks for hinges like bridge components. How about pipes for domestic water lines to be used for cooling machines that can make them more efficient, or a machine for a water supply or a fountain. Someone mentioned backpacks to increase storage, that would be fun. How about the ability to package sale items as a kit or give bulk buying discounts. I could go on but I think that’s enough for now! Thanks for asking!!


New races
Functional armor
New weapon types and updated combat system
New blocks are always nice but these 4 new blocks will hold me over for now

Those limited time planets you mentioned a while back would also be considered new content imo.


New content:

anything that is not in the game now, that will become part of the game.

I think maybe people split ‘content’ into two things, one being the likes of new blocks, mobs, recipes, machines etc, things that have a physical in game presence, so to speak. The other content would be in game services and changes to the structure, or tweaks to existing recipes, etc possibly under the heading of QoL improvements.

And I think for some the latter does not equate to content to them, which I can kind of see the argument, don’t necessarily agree, but know where it comes from.

For those people, there maybe has not been enough of that since the official launch.

Of course, this is just speculation, but seems to be possible from what I read in forums.

What I would like to see:

More interactive blocks, expansion on beacon permissions (even further that guilds I think), more things to craft, more craftables that degrade and need to be renewed, ultra rare drops from everything in game that can be used as actual trophies, auto closing doors, in game time, lots more I can’t quite think of just now, and farming of course.

And jetpacks :sunglasses:


Forgot to mention clothing and armor.

Also it would be great it we could get a shop stand that limits how much a player can take. I’d like to leave some frees stews out for my fellow wanderers if they need something quick to get them to their base, but I don’t want someone to be able to take the whole supply.