:shard: Treasure Chests (Gift Stands) to reward visitors who find hidden places in your build

Dear Wonderstruck Devs!
I’m sure you are aware of the game your neighbors Media Molecule a creating: Dreams.
They have an amazing mechanic where you can place little rewards for your visitors:

I’m creating concepts right now to recreate my favorite build from the old universe: Reach
It used to be my home but I’ve got a new workshop and a new home now so I want to make it a bit overgrown and a bit derelict, a place that is solely meant to be explored.
Sure exploration is a reward on it’s own as you can look at all the pretty things I will build in there.
But it would be even more amazing if I would be able to place treasure chests for visitors to find.

Other players do this already with shop stands and offer items for 0c.
But that has the drawback that it only rewards the first player who finds it and then its gone.

TL;DR: My suggestion is:
Treasure Chests / Price Bubbles / Gift Stands act like shop stands but they charge no money and they only give out one item per character.
So if I place such a Gift Stand on the tallest tower or in the deepest dungeon under my build and put like 900 gold bars in there, it can make 900 players happy instead of one. (Or a couple less and their alts.)
The point is that you still have to supply the rewards as the owner and nothing is created or injected here, has no impect on the economy.
It’s basically a stand for a controlled giveaway of items. It doesn’t even have to look like chest. (Just give the shop stand green cloth.)
If that creates to much data to store, give it a 7 day cooldown after which a players visit is forgotten.

Imagine exploring players creations and then actually finding treasures.


This is a great idea!

Creating a gift stand that is similar to a shop stand without the requirement for coins should not be difficult and would have so many great uses -

  • Rewarding people for finding hidden locations. You could create little shrines, ruins or dungeons underground that people might stumble into to claim the prize!

  • You could use the gift stands simply for leaving a gift for your friends.

  • Gift stands could be placed on starter planets and contain one thing for new players to help them out.

It may be better to limit the stand to containing only one item so that shops are not impacted and perhaps even only one per beacon or be single use. I’m sure it could be easily thought out to have minimal impact on the economy.

Fab idea @Kirinvar


OMG yes, this idea is awesome, it would make creating player made dungeons even better


Yes yes yes!

As someone that loves to build dungeons and adventure maps this is something I want badly!!


You can set the price of items to 0 in both the buying and selling plinths already? (Explicitly type 0 as the price and it will allow it)

But that means the first player can take everything and then it’s empty.
Maybe an additional option for shop stands to only allow 1 item per character is enough?


It would be better if a gift stand looked different to a shop stand though as players could run past a shop without clicking it and realising the goods were free. I suppose you could use a sign but a special look for a gift stand would be more exciting and simple to implement :slight_smile:


Yes please, with Zelda noise ability…



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Maybe once we can tame creatures we can create player made dungeons to go with this. That’d be pretty sweet.