HELP! What is "new content"?


New content is cool! An I would love anything really. But as you ask here is what I think is important for an bigger audience.

The first step
The combat system is not that complex, well the crafting of weapon is but not really the combat. There is several reasons. The main reason to little mobs. maybe not every mob need a fancy AI just som personalty. After that there is too little weapon, they are all slings. But what about close combat, or using the bombs, we don’t really build anything anymore for defense. To be honest the tank is useless and so this the rage and agrro brews.

I miss the good old hunts in EA it was sure a slaughter but we did it with finess.

So in first stage of combat oriented content would be, mobs, weapons, different combat mechanic that Force us to build protections. Why blocks that do things in combat. like traps och machines that is need to build in order to close the portals stop the mob assault. Something. Maybe add more skill like brews. Hunting down the weather to kill elemental mobs.

Secon stage. focus on random generating dungeons and world’s that are instable. this will give player a chance to obtain all colors and also give them content that is renewed every so often.
The dungeons is a simpler room cobinations and trap mechanic that will let you devs work on the tools needed for the fourth stage. Dungeons could be everything from buildings to catacombs with networks of tunnels. But the important thing is there is a reward in the end that will be somewhat Rare and hard to obtan. Or several items that will be a low chance of obtaing in the end chest reward.

Third stage Minni bosses and world bosses a stronger mob that requires players to group up to kill. And will reward unique items. Maybe tool and weapon skinns unlockes that maybe also require qubits to unlock.

Fourth stage. Titans and themed mobs and bosses for it.

The nice thing about this is it’s broken up in to different updates where other building updates can come in between. Like new blocks. Interior blocks to make the homes a bit more home. Or farming. Animals. Blueprints and anything really :slight_smile:


Buildable Checkers/Chess boards
Vehicles/racing/race tracks
Obstacle courses with new, fun, functional blocks
Oortian Card Games
Lots more Decorative stuff to craft/build
Dungeons - player and dev made
More Loot in general… armor, weapons, etc
More mobs
T7-T8 worlds

And much more…


Not really a new feature but i would love the lighting in the game to be as beautiful as in 2017 again.
(After the lighting rework it got lost and never got back to it’s original beauty and i still wonder why…)

Everything looked like a painted picture in 2017. You could face anywhere take a screenshot and it looked like art.



I personally think blueprints is one of the best me thing that can be added. As it would let player to buy blueprints from another player. This mean the player with building skills can create amazing builds for some ells to buy and build this would generating new content in to the game all the time. Thanks to the community. And devs would not need to build any of it.

The best thing about it then the devs could also use that tool to hold competition to create dungeons or buildings that the community have built this means we would help build prefabs and that would increase the uniqueness of boundless. But then the devswould need like guidlens to what needs to be build. Landmark did som of THE best competition that way.


New content is for me:
-new gameplay approach (like farming)
-bigger new additions
New content is not:
-new blocks
-skill adjustment

-private world (yes im still waiting)
-mountable creatures
-skuba gear (yes im waiting)
-bigger patches
-more precise communication(where we at. How long this or that takes)


For me “new content” is something that add new gameplay and/or ancourage people to spend more time in Boundless.

I love new bloks and I think guild sistem is a “new content” because interact with others is an important part of this game.
I would like to see… a lot of things that I’ve just read… But i can say farming, placeable water, something for the interior of our buildings(differenti types of storage blocks for ex.), hunter staffs and periodic quest/contracts even made by players.


Player owned planets and something to grind for that is like legendary hard to find and craft 0.0001% of finding xD

Ladders, Fences, more porps, farming and titans :slight_smile:


Others have covered my thoughts pretty well on what is new content, but I want to touch a little on the size aspect. I think a lot of people are yearning for a major content update. We’ve had some new things trickle out, but it’s been too little to really get us excited. Like the table and chair. They are nice, but I think a lot of us were hoping for a proper Furniture Update, with all sorts of props and interactables - ladders, lamps, couches, knickknacks, display cases, etc. Maybe even ziplines, idk…

Point is, I think a nice big content update like that would be well received. I think farming has the potential to live up to that. Looking forward to the details :slight_smile:

(Edit: meant to reply to the topic at large, not virress’ post. Sorry for any confusion!)


Ziplines would be an awesome addition.


New content might also be repurposing existing content. As discussed above, combat is redundant, shoot and dodge. Could we use the existing tools as melee weapons? Add boons in the forge - hammer gets stun boon, axe gets a form of slow movement or cleave/rend for additional damage to creatures, and the shovel gets a damage over time for piercing. These effects exist already, at least to some extent.

Also, would it be possible to introduce creature tracking? Right now hunting is more stumbling across a creature and shooting it. I would like to actually hunt roadrunners by something other than and audio cue when I get too close.

Edit: By melee weapons, I mean something on par with the damage output of slingbow. I have tried beating a spitter with a hammer or axe and it is not effective as a means of combat for creatures of equivalent level to the player.


For me, New content would be anything that encourages multiplayer cooperation.

Guilds are obviously a great step toward this. I believe enhancing the combat experience - adding more events (outside titans), such as boss enemies that spawn from special meteors, but, more importantly:

Diversifying the combat experience by expanding on the current class systems:

  • Allowing multiple types of DPS roles - ranged and Melee using a pole-arm for example
  • New Epic that allows slingbow bolts to heal allies, adding to the medic’s role
  • New class via the use of epics that can support allies through giving temporary damage, speed, or armour buffs


Guilds aren’t really “new content”. That would fall under a QoL update, if all goes well. We already kinda group up into towns & such…which seemed to take the place of a “club/guild/etc”.

I’m looking forward to the new chat system…but then again, that’s also not new content & falls under QoL.

New content would be dungeons, pets, farming, plasma, etc.


I would break down deliverables into three categories: infrastructure, content, and quality improvements.

Infrastructure is stuff that multiplies the value of the existing content. Guilds and global chat for example. Other features I want, the ability to sell bundles and a way to sell prefabs, are also infrastructure in my mind.

Quality improvements are bug fixes, updates to the UI, etc. The small things that prevent death by a thousand cuts.

Content is everything else. New blocks, new tools, new enemies, hats, planets, all of it.

The farming system itself would be infrastructure and the things we can do in it would be new content. Adding more recipes to farming in an even later update would be new content.

What do I want to see next? Content! Here’s some of my favorite suggestions I’ve made that have content components.

I’m not picky though. I’ll enjoy just about anything. I probably would enjoy new monsters with new AI the most. I also have a ton of infrastructure or quality suggestions I still love… but another time.


New content, to me, is new ways to play. I’m going to echo what others have said, but here are a few things…in no particular order except for the first one:

Craftable Wearables - This, to me, is my #1 desire. The top of the list is Armor and Helms (with stats)…but also clothes, capes, hats, bodypaint…all craftable IN GAME.

H2H weapons - Embur wants swords, clubs and spears…maybe a shield so we can block attacks, not just dodge? Side note, the combat system, IMO, needs a complete revamp…but I can’t tell you how that would be done.

Temporary worlds - Special mats, special mobs maybe even special physics. And don’t be hung up on needing to be harder. A T2 temp world is a fine thing.

New Activities - You Guys have already discussed farming, but I’d like to see things like fishing or animal training as well.

Mobility - Someone mentioned vehicles, and I concur. Gliders being my top of the list item. There are so many great mountains I want to jump off of!!!

More blocks - Many many more blocks to craft…and not high level stuff. More blocks on the refined and decorative level. Maybe something like 144 sed. stone, 144 met.a stone to get a multi colored refined block. Or Adding gravel to a decorative block to get a block the color of the stone and the design the color of the gravel. Please take the metallic sheen off of Refined Metamorphic.

More things to craft - I know you have stuff on the way, but this has to be added anyway. Furniture the citizens can actually use would be huge.

Poles and fencing. - Let us place poles that are centered in the square. Stone, metal, wood, gleam…round and square.

Random loot - Not mats, gear. Slings, hammers etc. (also armor and clothes if you have added them) Have their abilities and quirks not only be random but also feature uncraftable buffs. Have them drop on all worlds, scaled, from T2 on up. Don’t make them common, but one every 100+ mob you kill. Also randomly dropping high end mats on low tier worlds would be a huge treat for low end players.

One thing, the only thing really, I certainly DON’T want to see is private worlds. It would either fracture the userbase or unbalance the game, IMO.


This would probably break everything, but I love this idea:


I would like to see content design for every level. Something that you can do like dungeons or something like that for noobies. Time limited or special planets for experience people and some hardcore feature for hardcore players for example Titans.


Lots of great suggestions here, but would also like to see some fresh people arrive as part of each content push!


I’d love to see gliders too. Especially if they could be used in conjunction with grapples, a la Just Cause. Grapple-parachute travel was by far the best mechanic in that game, IMO.


Here is something I think would be cool. If there was a sling bow block that you could place that would defend your build from creatures while you build and while your away from the game. Also said block would auto collect the bones etc. that are dropped. These blocks would need to be repaired and possibly powered with spark.


Would love to see more decorations/furniture added (and can we get a update that allows us to interact with furniture like sitting in chairs?)