Boundless Environmentalism


Yeah, they are regenerating, until somebody beacons the land they are on and builds something. This land is close to the Till capital and the capital will spread as new players filter onto the planet through the portal hub there. If the capital expands and eats the peat, then how far away is the next peat resource?


I played land-owning MMOs before. If the game staff really forces other players to give up land because another player wants it for whatever reason, that is a very poor customer service move.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not officially trolling as far as I’m concerned. But it is polite to your neighbors to let them know you are not just squatting.


Resources don’t respawn if they are in a plot.


yes we have a rule for this.
Boundless is not a PVP game. Communities come first


I am going to shoot an e-mail to the game staff then. If they confirm what you are saying, I might as well stop playing the game now. I am not going to spend time on playing a building/trading game if large groups of bullies can just show up and muscle me out of my land that I have claimed fairly.


No need to email them.
I totally support your action to preserve land intact. But I just wanted to warn about these practice.


Well, i did something similar to pit near my house. Set a beacon, plotted above the peat and set a small stand with “MINING AREA” and warring that this land will get periodically strip mined so potential settlers next to it be warned it may look ugly from time to time…

On the other hand I’m not sure how well would it work in capital, cause a lot of player walking would constantly stop terrain regeneration.


Yeah, that thread says absolutely nothing about what you are saying. It is specifically pointing out hyper aggressive beacon/plot behavior that makes other beacons/plots useless (like building a wall completely around land so that it cannot spread in any direction and anybody inside of the plot cannot get out). Yes, I agree that is trolling and needs to be taken care of. That thread says NOTHING about larger settlements spreading and forcing smaller settlements to give up land. In fact, from what I am reading, if a larger settlement expands around my land completely and builds walls around me, then I can make a claim against them.


If you just plot empty space, this is not a settlement. This is empty space.
If you build a house with a large garden I see no issue.


Makes no difference. It is my land and I will do with it what I will. Unless my land is obviously trolling (as in, making the game unplayable or causing grief for another player by making the game more difficult for them to play), then too bad-so sad. Like how ridiculous is your claim that a large settlement can just expand up to a different settlement that has existed for a while and actually have game staff backing them to remove the land ownership from a player because of aesthetic rules (i.e. the land is not being used how the bigger settlement would like somebody to use the land)? It is obvious favoritism.


I am not saying is 100% sure.
But keep in mind there is a “case by case” way to counter “plot floating in the air”.

Maybe people will never bother you.
Diplomacy is king anyway. You can’t do anything without diplomacy.


That’s not going to happen. Unless you’re doing something to annoy another player your plots are your plots. You can leave them empty or not, build or not, move or not. If that beacon is fueled and you’re not deliberately antagonising someone, there’s no way the support team would remove your plots.


That is what I am saying. It seems like a customer service nightmare otherwise. If it happened, you might as well tell players, “unless you are a member of a massive guild, consider all land ownership as temporary”. This is an MMO based on building and trading; rules like that would literally neuter any small guy’s ability to do anything.


They respawn if they are under the plot, as he said. He reserved plots above the land so that the resource heavy area could not be taken for someone’s base. He has the resource areas reserved, because he plotted above them, but not specifically plotted themselves… if you understand what I am trying to say here.


Nope, it can’t be seen as trolling. Even if someone reports beacon devs have log of when beacon was placed so it would be very hard for others to win report.
I’ve done similar thing on Besevrona, 13x13 plots of protected land, I might even build on it someday :joy::joy::joy:


jealousy Besevrona is my next goal, but I need more skill points and better tools first.


Yeah, I know. Dude I was responding to asked “I thought resources were unlimited.” I was explaining OP’s concern.

I actually support OP…just put up a sign. :slight_smile:


Hehe :wink: a little tip: you need only 3 points in protection, I had 5 for the longest time :man_facepalming:


To be back on topic (yeah…I was the first to hijack it :sweat_smile:)

I strongly encourage everyone to follow this trend instead of landing plot at ground level.
This way others can still dig/gather till you decide to build something on it.


Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I’ve plotted on first level that is completely below surface, so anything on surface is just reserved.