[Boundless Escapade] The Palm Mystery - Part 1

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Hi! I’m Enistachia, join me on this escapade as we explore the planet Maryx and discover the many secrets this tier one planet holds. From our hills of Silk Cherry Silty Soil, Warm Cherry Twisted Wood, and to the gorgeous trio of rock types creating its very porous terrain with shallow drops and labyrinths in Stale Lilac, Dark Grey, and Oxide Violet. Which takes me to the main focus of our first adventure here on Maryx and the location of some precious Oxide Violet Gleam stone …

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The Palm Mystery - Part 1

West of Mare Heymann, is the Hands of Gleam Lake, within this lake and scattered across the many bodies of water on Maryx are these mysterious hands. Each hand holds two Oxide Violet Gleams, but hidden underneath some of these hands are caverns of more gleam stones. I have only been able to see this cavern once as it is located underneath the Hand Sanctuary in the middle of Hands of Gleam Lake. As my technology for deep water exploration is nil and I rely on my own ability to stay submerged. Sacrificing one of my bodies I managed to take a memory with me before I spawned back at the sanctuary.

Lore would have it that during a tumultuous time at the height of contemporary Oortian existence. Their lived a tremendous chief commander named Mary The Extreme. She coined the name through countless strategic wins in battle and in politics. Raising army after army, sending them into into battles with their families at home knowing that they could depend on the her to protect the way of life they have established.

This broken message of her story has shortened her title to the name we all know of today, Maryx. Not very much more is known about Mary the Extreme, and what is known, has yet to be documented by scholars. Giving me the opportunity to reveal some of what I have uncovered about the past of the dangerously collected and cultivated block. The word around my part of knows of an epic love story between Mary and the chief commander Carl D’Parlo well known around the universe as the highly skilled assassin who takes down highly dangerous threats. Less is known about the life of Carl, as with the passage of time and translation his name has undergone metamorphosis into the name we know of today, Cardass. It would be their love story that changed the course of Oortian history.