Boundless first THEMEPARK(looking for attractions builders our portals to)


im making wiith the aquatopia crew a themepark
there will be slides a maze and …
im looking for people to link their attractions to here by portal
our contact me with ideas our projects to build on the spot
heres the lay out
at moment
@CrypticTofu maybe we can add your grapple coarse to it to


Yes. Count me in. Dont forget to check out the gift shop and get your picture taken with popsicle boy after the

Speakin of which, hey @devs can we craft some hydrating popsicles outa ice?


Cool man i have allready another massive game project to link up to so your not alone :slight_smile:
And @swede offered to add some plastic animals to stick out off water between islands :slight_smile: i can offer you an island i assume you gonna build it elsewere and link it by portal is this corect @thebeeznest?


I would love to add a portal to my grappling course to your theme park. I am thinking of starting another new grappling course that is more vertical, confined and about avoiding blocks rather then swinging like my current one. I will come take a look at your site tonight.


cool i was today at work thinking about a pit with trampolines on bottom that ya need to grapple out from gonna call it the troll pit :smile:
because we cant put full grappling coarses on site i can provide isles to theme and add portals on just PM me if ya need me @CrypticTofu
you are third person thats come to me gonna be awesome having all the games on one spot yay


a maze with a twist to it (the qube)
some slide fun (twist and slide)
and a pit with trampolines on bottom to try grapple out from (trollpit)

i still need sugestions people
you imagine it i build it (our you guys) :grin:

cant wait to see posicles popping up in the park :):grin:


now update has sink in i will restart focusing on this project
i allready teamed up with @Hashmalash @Dunedragon @Billob850
@reapa11 @Brightstar all awesome people


@the-moebius I have a maze already that you could link a portal to if you want. The one in Blacklight.


would be cool off something gets done there left to dorment at moment theres a 3D glass maze on site with water made by dunedragon
a huge unused iglo made by hashmalash and one off the main accespoints to lavarynth and to aquahub i just dont have the time for moment so i was hoping we sponsor and host a builder off the competition
then adding more attractions like your maze would make it a real themepark


fyi, the next update to testing (or live, or both, I dont quite know) includes a lot of physics fixes and changes including ones that make slides way more fun to work with (stops you losing so much speed when you transition between ramps and flat areas of the slides)


Looks like I announced my roller coaster contest a tad early o.o


To You @the-moebius, for you never give it up. :slight_smile:


Ferris wheel. Nuff said


This is such an awesome idea guys, can’t wait to swing by the grapple course (no apologies for the pun)

Keep us updated!


thx apreciated it project was dormant for a while but we hoping to sponsor a builder for the themepark rollercoaster all we need is perm to enter competition with this build :smile: good to have some new interest
@SamF theres allready a glass 3dmaze with water to confuse ya lol
made by @Dunedragon it can be reached in aquahub by using portal named lavarynth just climb out the hub there and ya in the park


finally thanks @Heureka i will close my poll

its about time


I thought about it and you’re probably talking about the slide block since making ice more slippery would probably annoy everybody.
Which begs the question: Is there any plans on making some slide that look hmm… cleaner? It’s a nice block to build sewages and stuff like this. But to build sliders, ice looks way better. I might still build in ice after the slide changes, because it’s hard to believe the thing is a slider by looking at it. It looks toxic.
Different color/textures of slide would be great. Or maybe a re-refined slide that looks less blobby.

Anyways great to hear that sliders and physics are getting looked into.


OMG yes thankyou