😂 Boundless Forum Posts shouldn't Aggro Forum Posters

funny post is meant to be funny-
if you don’t think it’s funny. have a gif

I also wish there were big boundless cities like dis- grapples would be fun there :smiley:


If you build it, they will come!

I think with the introduction of private worlds you will start seeing themed cities like this. I’d love to have a natural looking city in the limbs of trees with rope bridges between them.


If only we had trains :tired_face:


I think there are actually a couple worlds with cities going in this direction. Can’t remember off the top of my head but it was cool to walk through what felt like a legit little city. But there weren’t many people around so it felt like a ghost town :frowning:

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if we have trains, i would buy all the iron of the whole universe to build a tschuff tschuff train station :slight_smile:

finaly i drive all day long arround the world on my train. watching the beautiful landscape and stuff like this… xd

tschuuu tschuuu, out of my way… :slight_smile: lol


I agree!

Also I added the word ‘Boundless’ to the title so it won’t be moved to off-topic invisible land! Also added a smiley to convey it’s a funny!


Have you been to “take the train” on Lasaina? Super cool build

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sunkentown has one icluding tunnels and track but we havent figured out yet what fuel it runs on


It runs on Oortstone.

lol no i dont was there… if iam on lasaina, iam there 4 the inky leafs… ill make no sight-seeing tours xd

See topic title: sadly still happens way too darn often. Especially funny when one is trying to suggest something so we can get to know each other better and it’s then aggressively shot down by a handful of ‘concerned players’

Raaaawr grrrrr :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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How did you know I feel that way? :rofl:

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I def only posted this to kinda poke fun at the community a bit- i feel like too many people forget this is a game, and one we should all be focused on enjoying rather than nit-picking to death


This is a T6 forum.

The terrain is difficult to navigate, and atmosphere protection is sometimes required.


T6! Hahaha, last few months it changed to a T7!


It’s been moving out of the distance of the regular universe- none of us can survive here. RUN IF YOU STILL CAN

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Well, if they’re keep updating the game and taking it to the next level (sovereign and creative planets making it a T7 now), it only makes sense that the forum would follow suit.

Offended level 999


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