Boundless in the news

Edit to add:

Keywords: boundless monumental acquired new owner studio mmo game gaming update


Woohoo! Now we can cite one of these and update the Wikipedia article


dang I wanted to say that @truus

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Haha, I updated the article this morning to at least remove Square Enix but I couldn’t find any articles about the purchase so I didn’t get that part added

It still says farms are being developed :woman_facepalming:t2:


dang, never knew it was THAT out of date


Why the MMOBomb’s picture looks like someone tried to mimic No Man’s Sky artwork to trick people into playing Boundless? Not that I’m complaining, both are great games by great devs, it’s just really curious.

That pic is from i believe 2015 Paris games week Where boundless was on show.

You can search " Paris games week boundless" and you ll see.

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