Boundless Meetup Plans in January!

Heya all!

So, Last year I wanted to host a Boundless Meetup at a local Convention to the United States. This way it was public, we can do a get together and have fun.

We had to cancel it and move it to 2023’s event planning. This gives a lot of time for those who have NOT been vaccinated yet, to get vaccinated to attend – Or not. And to save enough money for travel as well.

So,. The Event just announced pricing, dates and the location.

Event Name: MAGFest

Located in: National Harbor Maryland [Right next to Washington DC, so for you who like to see sights – DownTown DC does have a lot of pretty buildings for the Country.

Dates: January 5th - January 8th.

Price of the event:
125$ From September 28th - October 31st, 2022
135$ from November 1st - November 30th, 2022
145$ from December 1st - December 31st, 2022
155$ from January 1st - January 5th, 2023 [First day of the event]

To get into the hotel of the event you MUST pre-register by no later than October 5th, 2022.

Covid policy: You must be fully vaccinated with the 2 shots from the Pfizer/Moderna or the 1 from Johnson & Johnson. And have PROOF of your vaccination. Boosters are NOT required but highly recommended. And during all times in the event spaces, you must be wearing a Face Mask properly.

" We are delighted to bring back Group badge pricing this year – groups of 8 or more adults each get $10 off the current badge price!" – If we get a large enough group committed we can go in for a slightly cheaper priced badge for all 4-days.

Badges for children ages 6-12 are 50% off the current badge price (rounded down to the nearest dollar). Badges for children ages 5 and under are free. All attendees including children must be vaccinated. For more information, read this article:

The full Covid policy:

The website:

With all the formallities out of the way, Those who do end up coming out I will have something Boundless related as a gift to celebrate our ability to come together as a community! This is a gift from GlitchWorld the Guild. Our city residents who come out get something special, but everyone else gets to have a little something fun. :smiley:

Would anyone be interested in coming out?


Been wanting to meet up with the Boundless community for years, but frankly DC is too far away for me (west Texas).


Totally understand. I figured since the East Coast were the closest for all of our country’s that do play, such as Australlia, UK, West Coast, Central, – The East Coast for a Gaming Convention [not an anime one] was as close as I could get for being equal. It’s still not ideal, but I have some swag with it since I work the conference every year I can get some bonuses for our group.

I fully understand though it’s not super local. D:


You never know. I’ve never been to DC before, maybe it’s time I make that trip while I’m still relatively young!



It’s so awesome that you all have set something like this up. Festival looks really cool also.


You should all come to Australia :australia:


We are one, but we are many … :smiley:


Greetings from “Germoney” … Don’t tell Texas is far away XD

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I’m in AZ and that’s how I feel too. I might move to the East coast soon, but not that soon.

This is still happening!

Can’t wait to see you all there! <3

very funny, do you thing you have players only from NA?


It’s player organized piggy backing on another gaming related convention. It’s unfortunate that real world things have to happen in a specific country, but the upside is that you could try to organize something like this in your region if you wanted too!

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i wish, believe me i wish, i really want to meet fellow Oortian in real world, sadly i know that trip thru half of the world is usually beyond our reach… imagine the warps and portals in real world :smiley: want to hang out? ill send you loc token :smiley:

I know for a fact many players are from Europe. When I started planning this event it was just before COVID hit, so I postponed it 2-years to allow people time to save up. This originally started as just a guild meetup. And with 2+ years of time to save money for travel, I figured it would be better to open it to everyone.

By no means do I think that only North American players can or should be the only ones to attend. I welcome everyone!

If you can make it, Awesome! If you cannot, then maybe there will be other opportunities for other continents to house an event where folks can meet up. :slight_smile:

I just wanna meet my friends and have a great time! <3


im really jelous, meeting like this is opportunity to cook boundfless food in real life :smiley:

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Do we know what day during MAGfest the Boundless meetup will be? And will we need tickets to Magfest to join in, or will it be outside the convention? Either is fine, just wondering what the current plan is. :slight_smile:

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I figured Saturday would be the best time to do so-- Time wise, I was thinking for those who don’t get tickets to the event itself they can meet in the hotel Lobby by the water fountain around 2PM

That was my plan. :slight_smile:

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Just a follow up!

The stickers are being upgraded to Decals for folks who can make it out! These are exclusive designs which wont be re-released

Image courtesy of @greeneggznsam Who is designing one for our guild members/leaders, and then one for our meetup for Boundless in general!

:slight_smile: Hope to see you all out there!
Note-- Image is NOT final design.