Boundless Merch Question

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So… Question.

We have a LOT of talented people in our community, not just in game but in real life as well.

Lets say I wished to make Boundless stickers – or maybe I sew together a totem and stuffed it with stuffing? Or perhaps I made a real life oorty Doll to look like the halloween oorty…

Is there anything wrong with putting this stuff on an Etsy shop to get to other Boundless members? Does this cross any lines legally for copywrites?

If so, what options can we do for trying to make real life merch people can have?

Or, what if I wanted to make an Oorty suit like a fursuit?

Just an idea, trying to think what options I have for buying or making stickers based on Boundless. Because I would absolutely get a G Magnet on the back of my car.


This is an example of a small Oorty Doll sticker a guild mate made.


I would think @Leahlemoncakes might be the one to answer this or knows who can.


it looks so frikin pretty

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They are going to have a website to do the ordering of the Private planets. That “shop” should maybe give more options down this path if there is a demand. I think people just need to help scope what they would like to see and maybe the Devs would look into it.