Boundless MsgPack to JSON app


I made an app to convert the MsgPack files in the boundless game dir to human-readable indented JSON. I’ve put it on github here and made a release with a compiled version that anyone can download.


  -i, --input     Required. Specifies the input directory or MsgPack file to read.

  -o, --output    Required. Specifies the output directory to write json file(s).

  --help          Display this help screen.

  --version       Display version information.

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Ooooh thanks @Simoyd, you are the real mvp


Do I need a code’ing program to open it with?


if you download the release it’s a console exe you can run.


wont open for me


you will need to do something like this…

As in, not opening the exe directly, but dragging it into a cmd window, or just writing out the path :wink:


ahhh so that’s how ;D


Well I gave and just started to moddel from the start instead ^^