Boundless needs an Exit Poll

Over half the population of Boundless is gone, and many had no way of expressing WHY they stopped playing.

Polls should be run in-game, not on the forums. These forums are just an echo chamber.

I’ve seen countless people leave a single discord post, good-bye thread here, or steam review, and most of them are lost in the sea of constantly replied to click-bait arguments over frivolous typical Forum Bickering.


Anybody who leaves is a weakling, a quitter, and probably won’t survive winter.


I asked for some form of exit feedback or where to send it to months ago. They’re never going to know what to fix without it.

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I’d like a way to view an updated exit poll results, out of curiosity. Yeah, not much else to say…
I hate waiting on stuff to craft grr

I had a friend who quit because he “got bored.”

That’s all the reason he gave, but listening to his daily whinning it came down to: character appearance, voices, grind, needing too many skills, and we stopped giving him free tools. (Moocher)

I also had some neighbors who just seemed too overwhelmed by all the steps required to do, well, anything. After we explained some things to them we never saw them again.
We friended them, and either they removed us or deleted their char.


Not just exit polls, all their feedback requests while okay on the forums as well should be submittable and prompted in the client as well. This would allow for a lot more feedback even if just a ranking on what people like/dislike in the game. That then is quantifiable data they can use to determine community desires or if they see people dropping off if there’s any trending things these people listed as dislikes

Give a small amount of coin whenever feedback is submitted on one of their “give me information” polls, and maybe allow a person to update their primary feedback once every few weeks and it could give them a ton of info.


This game is just different, just because you or I love this game doesn’t mean the next person will and that is okay. Sometimes you have to remember how much was spent on advertising this game and remember this game just isn’t for everyone,

I agree, i am tenacious, im hording and stockpiling. Plan for my settlement is making a place for noobies, providing for them to get people into the game. I think the gem wall does crush weaklings but my plan is to shield those weaklings so that when footfall is fixed i may reap some reward.

I think ive hooked some poeople.


I’m gonna open a mafia store once footfall gets fixed that specializes in stolen goods.

I really don’t think these forums are an echo chamber. Quite the opposite in fact; seems like most people can’t agree on anything save for the obvious changes; and even then there’s a range of conflicting opinions.


Yup, I want coins and bombs, other players want pants, we’re a diverse bunch.

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Clothing!! Biggest wish right there, followed by a decent female voice so I don’t sound like Olga Happyendingisyoulive.


Devs have internal analytics that they use to monitor. Plus alot of feedback from forum as well. Not exactly an exit poll but that’s how they try to improve the game

At the same time, all that metrics and analytics are is numbers. They can only create a profile to solve for to a certain degree. The reason metrics and analytics works so well in the marketing world is because they find ways to ask a lot of passive, innocent questions that people dont even think about when answering.

Exit feedback is that profile build enhancer for video games.

Or they bought RDR2 and are playing an awesome game.


I will shop at this mafia store.

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I definitely think this time of the year is hard for a game like boundless to sustain its player base, all the AAA stuff comes out and off they go. But to the core problem I see and I have a few friends who fall into this category, is that the grind here is much greater than other Voxel games Ive at least played. Whilst this isnt a concern of mine I’ll grind all day, a lot of players have/would have got into this game and went “Holy Heck” you mean Ive gotta do this this and this to get to a planet to get this and then make this and find 30 diamonds just to make a diamond tool, "no way… This style is just not suited to a lot of players, majority probably from PS4 (I play on both PS4 and PC EA) because unlike PC players, PS4 players havent really been exposed to games with so much grind, theyre a much more casual gamer generally.
I also think not having an offline creative style option to test building options with (again, on PS4, I know PC has had test servers and what not) would also mean players are leaving before they even know whats possible, perhaps theres an option for the Devs ( @james ) to explore here, I see this as my girl has stopped playing a while back, but if there was a creative mode maybe not so… (shes kinda hinted it to me lol)
Put short, this game is certainly not for everyone and nor is it trying to be, hopefully over time numbers will steadily pick up again as people begin to understand what the game has to offer, I’m still loving it spending way too many hours playing it (or so Im told lol) and the community as a whole both here and in game is great.


Sorry, what i forgot to mention is that i have friends who whave not only left to play RDR2 and BLOPS4 (which i play on the side) but have gone back to older games like Conan, Ark, BF4 and even MC i believe. So its not just the shiny new ones its some of the older ones too.

I will admit on many weeknights I only have an hour at most of free time and instead play either Conan or ark. I have servers on both, and hop between those and my single player builds.
Because even though it’s less than an hour, I feel like I can accomplish so much more. Heck, there are even some nights I just fly around on my Griffin and enjoy the scenery because it’s calming. Or I’ll pick a fight with a wyvern or 12.
I wouldn’t go so far as to say there are no grindy ps4 games ( there are) but yes, the grind deters me often.
I have an extremely busy/stressful work and home life and i dont want to feel like im logging into an online job after a long day.

Boundless is fun, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it feels more like a weekend-only game.


Very jealous of this, btw and totally on board for getting a ps4 option to test. :grin:

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