Boundless News Speculation Thread

Let’s see what everyone thinks will be announced/addressed in the next couple of weeks/months/year/Decade etc.

I think multi-tier planets will be the next rentable option/release. Maybe a 3d artist and Cinematic Animator were hired and the game production will continue. Who knows but will see what is coming up to help add more content to the current game :slight_smile:


that the update that was almost ready a long time ago is now more ready.


We’ll get unicorn mounts, a snorlax skin, lasers, and access to “Boundless 2: the Megaverse”.



Our primitively dressed little oortians will get PANTS!

Seriously, these cloth diapers. Am I right?


gib pants plox

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Seems like the perfect opportunity to make everyone start all over again alongside a decent marketing push for the new update! :cowboy_hat_face:



I know that concept strikes fear and anger in the hearts of many here, but… I feel like if a lot of the lessons learned from the last fresh start were applied to a new fresh start, it would make for quite a lovely set of new worlds! I for one would love to see some less pockmarked starting worlds with huge caves to build in and explore.


Blind speculation? I can do that!

Announcement is that they will be hiring a single rockstar programmer as well as a budget for additional contract work when needed. Additionally, a roadmap of intended changes for this team. The roadmap is just “tentatively planned features”, but with a focus on frequent deliverables over major releases. No planned release dates included, but monthly status updates will be posted on a blog.

  1. Complete the 249 update
  2. Implement Steam workshop for sharing world files and profiles
  3. Improved New Player Experience. Iterating rapidly on the test server, working with existing and new players, collectively develop an improved NPE aimed at player retention and improved difficulty curve
  4. Release existing decorative objects - art is complete, but recipes are still required
  5. Release existing mobs - throwy guy and portal stalket
  6. Chat improvements
  7. Community feedback time - rapidly discuss and implement high-impact, low-cost community suggestions for improving player retention and acquisition.

As this roadmap comes to a close, the company will gear up for a bigger marketing push, focusing on this set of changes as part of a big Boundless: Unbound version.

Once the marketing push has played out enough to estimate returns, the long-term plans for Boundless will be discussed with the community.

During the Boundless: Unbound period, and beyond, the community will be able to nominate community made mods, from the api released in 249, for inclusion in the vanilla game.
A second player created content program will be opened at some point during the Unbound period, allowing players to submit cosmetics for review to be added to the cubit store.
Compensation for accepted submissions of both cosmetics and mods is to be determined.


I think 249 (I think that was the number) will finally get released and a small team of folks are returning to Boundless to get the game to a logical point where re-marketing it makes sense.

Beyond that, I have no idea.


Yea I’m leaning towards boundless 2

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My hope: The awaited update coming soon, but also that Boundless may be going on one of the premium services, Playstation’s new one, or maybe even a new Xbox version coming to Game Pass. :slight_smile: New staff coming on to work on it all, and future content.

I’m trying to keep hopes up for good or cool stuff here. But, if I had to place money on an outcome -

Update will be released, and they’ll say they have plans for future content adds after that, but the game will go to hosting on private servers and single player play only.

Because of PSN, can they put stuff on SteamWorkshop? Wasn’t there something where Playstation had their hands tied?

Yes please.

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I agree… This game becomes somewhat unfair When the time passes… People Who play 24/7 versus People Who play once a week.
And sure i get it it should be rewarded if you play more you get more, but the economy is player driven so it has some issues.

Anyways launch Wipe was “ok” until People started exploiding stuff… Plotting etc i mean.

Theres several issues that i would think could work better now as there so much qol added since launch.


the exciting news James mentioned will be just that: news

so we will be told that some of the old team are back and approximate timeline for re-starting development will be given

249 ready for before Christmas or after New Year

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Im in hopes they have sold the game to a new development team. If this development sticks around I hope they can learn that communication is a key ingredient to keeping their community happy and keeping that community playing.

One little post from James has given many of us hope and excitement if he did that more we probably wouldn’t have lost as many players.

Other than that, we are getting mounts, pets and titans.


I heard a rumour that dragons and sand serpents have been added to game files……

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Boundless Free…

To those of us who have small builds, a wipe for a do over wouldn’t be much of a thing. But people like @BabyCookie and @HOST to name a few, it would be devastating. They’ve put thousands of hours into their builds and to see that suddenly go poof and have to build over again? Plus the mad dash to plot the prime real estate would be crazy.
Not to mention all the portal networks that would have to be set up again. And would such an event only affect the public servers or all of them?


people still talking about wipe? lol